Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Birth Day & Birth Mother

Our little man turned 6 years old today, October 4.

And it is all about Star Wars (and Lego's.)

We always plan for, think about and get excited over Stan's birthday.  But come the day before, my brain  switches gears.

Like clock work.

I know that Seoul time is 14 hours ahead of Central Standard Time and about that time, my thoughts and prayers lead only to her, Stan's birth mother.

What a brave and courageous young woman she is!  We are  so grateful  that she chose life.  We cannot imagine the world without this little spark plug.

An early morning trip to see JJ at the donut shop with Dad brought smiles and his favorite....a coconut donut!  He LOVES coconut donuts.

Next, it was a  trip to my doctor's office and a special viewing of the baby via a sono.  Today was Ester and Stan's first look at a live sono.  They loved what they saw :)

(Baby Joy @ 22 weeks.)

His choice for dinner was McDonald's followed by cupcakes and ice cream.

He asked for a Star Wars theme again.  I stuck with cupcakes which are so much easier for me these days.  It was hard to find Star Wars cupcake toppers to add that special touch.

I eventually found these quarter-size, paper confetti pieces and had the girls tape them to toothpicks.

Waa Laa!  Instant cupcake toppers.

I happened upon some Halloween-colored sprinkles which matched the Star Wars colors...

I think they turned out okay.  Most importantly, he loved them :)

Happy birthday, little man!

I'll send this photo to Korea to have it placed in his file.  Maybe someday, if she has the courage or strength, she will take a peek into his file and see his beautiful face.  Maybe it will ease her pain, (just a little bit?).

Asking you to keep Stan's birth mother in your prayers today and for all birth mothers around the world who make such a courageous decision to choose life.

~  Patty  ~


  1. Beautiful! Happy Birthday Stan!
    Prayers going out to Birth Mom!

    Thinking about you a lot... so much joy here for your little Joy!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Stan!

    A great day for everyone!

  3. Happy birthday, Stan! I LOVE Star Wars! Those cupcakes are awesome!

  4. Great idea with the sprinkles and decorations on the cupcakes...simple is better, isn't it! Looks like he had the perfect day.

    I'll continue to pray that more mothers choose life for their babies so that those children can become a part of fabulous families like yours!

  5. Happy, happy birthday!!

    And prayers for his precious birth mother. God bless her!

    Legos and Star Wars are pretty much the universal boy language aren't they? That is the theme around here all the time. ;)

  6. Happy Birthday Stan! I think of Ben's birth mother often as well, with that same mixture of sadness and gratitude. Sad that she is missing such a beautiful soul, grateful that I get to raise him. Hopefully God gives them peace of heart and mind knowing that they have families who love them fiercely.

    Did Stan spend the whole day playing legos?

    Baby Joy is beautiful, yay!

  7. Thanks, Ladies, for his warm birthday wishes and prayers to his birth mother! He went to bed over tired and over stimulated with a bit too much sugar :)

  8. You are a kind and thoughtful person. We are all so blessed to know you. My prayers will be with Stan's and other birth mothers and for adoptive parents.

  9. Happy belated birthday little man! You look like you had a wonderful day.

  10. Many birthday blessings to Stan! What a happy day he had with those cool cupcakes too. Always appreciate the lovely witness you are to life and true appreciation for Stan's birth Mom. I am adding to this to my extra prayers this month, in honor of Stan and all birth Moms who choose life:)

  11. Happy birthday to your little spitfire. THe cupcakes look great! Be Not Afraid

  12. This made me cry. God bless you all!

  13. The cupcakes turned out great and I'm sure they tasted even better :) We know all about Legos and Star Wars, its a great combination. A big Happy Birthday to Stan and I know exactly how you feel!

  14. Gosh, i've been having a hard time getting my comments to post. I'm here checking to see if the one I posted the other day in fact worked. not sure, sometimes my computer doesn't like to post comments. Anywya, happy happy day to your Stan!


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