Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Up in the air...

Sometimes flying by the seat of our pants.

Always making a soft  safe landing.  

What a wild and crazy ride it has been these past two weeks!  


Sally started swimming practice.  Okay. So I never truly realized the endurance level of swimmers until I sat and watched a practice.  

Gotta say it::  Holy Crap!  


Ester is an cross...CPR certified babysitter.  And Sister can hardly wait to get out there and earn some bucks.  

She was totally excited to use her first aid and help Stan the Man with a bloody nose.  


(Like the giant flash shadow in the background?  When Mama is in a hurry with the camera, who knows what will happen!)

Sir Stan attended his first Blue Knights meeting.    His reaction in two words?

"Totally awesome!"

I (gently) guided David into starting a Blue Knights group.  There are seven dads and seven 5-6 year old boys in the group.  They will meet once a month.  Blue Knights is a Catholic version of Webelos and Boy Scouts.

A great bond for fathers and sons through growth in faith.

David signed up to teach the October meeting.  His plan?  Camp out!


Little Flowers and Little Women.

It started today.  I hosted at my house.  

My friend, Elizabeth, taught Little Flowers.  Instead of the focusing on the virtue of the month, she chose to celebrate the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross.  

Little Flowers made these adorable crosses::

We each brought a dessert.  Elizabeth kept with her theme of the Exaltation of the Cross.  Check these  cross rice crispy treats out::

I taught Little Women.

Virtue for the month :: Humility

The ladies learned the proper way of cleaning a bathroom.

I did a power point presentation for the girls.  David helped me put it together over the weekend.  I was the "director" and "camera man" while he was the cleaner  actor!


David and I were invited to a special viewing of The Mighty Macs.  Due to release October 21.  It was a fun and free date.


Moms Night Out started up.  Woo Hoo!  I love these nights.  We meet once a month for prayer, laughs, yummy treats, and girl talk.


Weather.  Oh my!  Even though it climbed back up to 106 yesterday, it has been hovering around the 90's.  We like the low 90's so much better!

At this time of the year, the heat will only make a brief appearance every now and then.  Totally do-able.

As of today, we had 70 days of triple digits this summer.  Broke a record!


I need to get scootin' now.  Some little dynamo celebrates an "8 is great" birthday tomorrow.

A BIG P.S. ~  Thank you for your prayers, kind thoughts and words regarding Francis.

Until next time...

~  Patty  ~


  1. Great job on the safe landing after a busy week! Mmmm, those cross krisy treats looked yummy:) And love the crafts, including Stan's! Happy and Blessed Birthday to your "8 is great!" I am feeling so guilty that I have still not posted about my "9 is fine" birthday last week;)

  2. you've been busy, Patty. yay that you helped your hubby to discover his ability to lead a Blue Knights group. Stan looks like a shining star knight!! Tomorrow's high is supposed to be high 50s, which I lovelove. my husband is starting his sun deprivation groan.

  3. You have been busy, lady! Low 90's sound like torture, not relief to me. Guess I will have to adjust my thinking on that by next summer! Thank goodness for AC. Have a great weekend, and get some rest for goodness sake! -Jill

  4. LUV your newsy post. We'd be so thrilled to see a hot air balloon like that. Hope it cools off soon. Blessed birthday!

  5. Wow, you have had a lot going on. Love the cross craft and the treat :) Great job on your dh starting the Blue Knights, my boys would love that. Jonah just started Cub scouts. Hope you have a fun weekend away!


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