Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shot in the arm

My mom and I both agree that is what the trip was for both of us.  I have come back feeling renewed with a strong sense of peace and happiness.

She needed to see me, especially at this time of year.  She also needed to know "for sure" that I was healthy and doing well in my pregnancy.

I was missing her terribly and needed to see her.  I wanted her to see my pregnancy and I wanted to see her at this time of year.

And guess what?  My mom was able to feel the baby move!!


Ester lent her camera to me.  (I don't have a point & shoot camera, can you believe that?)  I wanted something small to fit inside my purse.

Mom and I took this picture by using the timer setting on the camera the morning I left for Texas.


Grammy's house.

Someone asked if I grew up here.  Yes.  It is the home where I lived until I left the nest after college.  It is the home where I brought my own children to laugh and play in.  It is the home where my father and mother lived for nearly 50 years.  It is the home where my father passed peacefully away in.  It will always be my "home".

I arrived back to my Texas home on Tuesday night.  Tucking the Littles into bed I heard, "Mom, you smell like Grammy's.  Can I sleep with you tonight?"

You cannot describe Grammy or Grammy's house any better than that!



I arrived into town on Saturday afternoon.  A handful of us went to 4pm Mass and then Mom hosted one of her big, get-together dinners for the locals.  Five of my siblings live in the Illinois Valley, all within 20 miles of Mom.

My sister, Jane, and her family drove up for the weekend from Missouri.  So Mom had 7 out of 9 kids there!

I was in a few photos...just a few :)

Want to see?

These are 3 of  my 5 brothers, with their wives and children::

Joe and Debbie (Joe is the oldest of us all.)  

And their two boys.  (Little Man in the red is one of my godsons.)

Jeff and Michelle (Jeff is child #2 for my parents.)

And their two Littles.  (Sorry for the really bad lighting...ugh!)

Michael and Heather (He is the baby of the family...#9)

And their two munchkins.

Sunday night, a handful of the ladies went out to dinner.  This next shot is of my mom, sisters, and me.

Left to right::

Sue (#4), Mary (#3), Mom, Me (#5), Jane (#7)

These are Mary's two children (her daughter came home from college for the night.)

Sue's girls (4 out of 5 since her oldest is away at college)

The cutie in the red sweatshirt is one of my goddaughters.

You should recognize these three boys.  Jane and her family visited us in Texas over Labor Day.

I was able to see all but 11  family members on my side!


I have a sister-in-law that lives about 60 miles south of my mom.  She was so kind to not only drive up to see me, but drive me up to my in-laws (her parents) another 75 miles to northern Illinois.

Sara is going to be a first time grandmother!!  Her daughter (our niece) is due March month after my due date.

The weather was down right nasty that day!  Cold, very windy, rainy, 52 degrees F.  Awful.  Sara brought some soup and garlic bread, grapes and crackers, so that we could have a nice lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Bill.

Bill and Clare (Clare turns 80 in October!)

I was so grateful to have had this opportunity to see my in-laws.  It's been over one year!  They were just as grateful even if the visit was a short 4 hour visit.



I have been involved with reader's block since January. Start a book.  Put it down.  Never finishing.  For someone who loves to read...this has been frustrating.  

One of the books that I purchased this year and have barely touched is...

I brought it with me.  

On the plane trip home I came to this appropriate chapter...

And as I flipped open the book to begin reading I glanced out my plane window to this view...

I started crying.

Hormones.  Love.  Good memories.  Littles waiting for me in Texas.  Peace.  Happiness.

I had been blessed with a wonderful weekend!


Past time

I have to say that people-watching is one of my favorite past times!!!  I find people just fascinating to watch.

Let me say, the airports (with a plane change each way) did not let me down. LOL


A shot in the arm.  Good medicine.  Words cannot describe how amazing that good medicine has made me feel!

It makes me appreciate even more the blessings that I have in my in Texas AND in Illinois (and Missouri and Nebraska and  Michigan and Arizona).

~  Patty  ~


  1. LOVE the pictures! Isn't it great to get together with siblings?
    I'm so glad your mom was able to see first-hand how this pregnancy is going; it has to be a large weight off of her mind.

  2. Patty, God blessed your time away from home, and blessed you immensely. the feelings you felt seeing your beautiful mom and siblings and their spouses and your in-laws must have been so comforting for you, and you shared your joy of pregnancy with them all! what a wonderful time I can tell you had. so sorry Illinois wasn't a little kinder to you in the weather department. what a grace that your mom felt her little Joy move!! God bless.

  3. I can feel your joy at spending time with your family through your post. How wonderful it must have been to be able to share the joy of Baby Joy with your mom. What a wonderful, loving family you have!! I am so glad you shared.

  4. I loved seeing all these pictures of your family! Sorry you had rotten weather, you never know what it will be like in the midwest :)

  5. This post made me smile! You look radiant and you have a very beautiful family!

  6. WOW, great post and great trip, Patty! I really enjoyed seeing all of your family photos and can only imagine since I have a similar-sized family:) Your Mama was just beaming and you are the cutest darned prego gal I know!!!

  7. What a beautiful post. I always go to your blogosphere for those little chocolate moments in your life. Really sweet. Such beautiful up in the air pictures. I admire your relationship with your mom! I hope I have the same with my girls and boys. God bless you.


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