Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blue Skies Ahead

I took this picture from Sunday night after a thunderstorm rolled through.  Isn't it gorgeous?  We enjoyed the rain...and thunder...but need so much more to break from the drought.

12 - 18 inches more  -  in one month!  And that is for the North Dallas area alone.  It is much worse in other parts of Texas.


The cool, crisp, autumn bug has bit me hard this year.  Could be those wonderful pregnancy hormones flowing through my veins.

I miss the sites, smells, and sounds of autumn up in the Midwest.

Ha!  Ha!  Once you all get snow up there....forgetaboutit!  I'll be madly in love with this southern climate again :)


I miss my mom.  Bad!

I miss my dad.  Really bad!  My father's death anniversary is coming up (October 12) and it is a rather hard time of the year for my family especially Mom.

So I bought a plane ticket to Illinois.  (Finding a two year old gift card for Southwest Airlines helped seal the deal!)

I fly into Chicago on Saturday where one of my siblings will pick me up and take me "home"  for 3 nights.

By myself!

The guilt of not bringing the Littles...gone :)  Although, if I had enough money to buy all of them tickets, I'd have done so in a heart beat.

I posted this picture last year...and had to again.  (Can you tell I'm excited?)

I can remember exactly what it smells like and feels like upon entering.  So excited to get back there!


And a shout out to my amazing husband.  Each year he always encourages me to take a weekend away for myself.  He stays back to cook and feed and even school the kids.  

Not saying he loves it but he does love me!


I'll have plenty of time to read your posts but won't be posting anything until next week.

I also FINALLY signed up for Pinterest.  Now, to figure it all out because it looks really cool!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

~  Patty  ~


  1. The house definitely looks like "home"! Glad you're getting (and taking!) a chance to go home for a few days. We all need to take time to re-energize!
    Very neat picture. I've glanced at pinterest, but I just don't understand the purpose of it.

  2. I love going "home." I'm going home for my birthday this weekend.

    I LOVE Pinterest! You'll have to find me on there!

  3. Oh Patty, I'm so excited for you! Your childhood home made me smile just thinking about what it might be like. I'll be keeping you close at heart in prayer these next couple of weeks...a death anniversary is always a heavy time and never goes away. Take care and enjoy this time. Be blessed!

  4. Yes, I love pinterest and I also LOVE that warm cozy home.
    May I also say how happy I am for you and your family as you welcome this little one into the world. I will be lifting you in prayer!

  5. Just now checking in. I hope your trip is relaxing and gives you a renewal of Midwest love! God bless.

  6. I am so happy for you. That house is amazing- it practically looks ready to hug you. Praying for wonderful refreshing family visit.

  7. That is great that you can visit your Mom during such a difficult time. We have not had to cross that bridge yet, but it haunts me daily, as I know it's not far off. Praying for you, Patty!

  8. I am just reading this. You might already be back. Hope you have (had) a great time. Drop in on my oldest and give her a BIG kiss from me. She is still up there in central Illinois living her life without me - (close).

    I love that you get alone time with Mom. Extra special with little Joy in the tummy. Blessings.

  9. Luv the pictures and the sentiments. When I went back to the home of my youth the scale of everything seemed so different....

  10. I'm so glad you are on Pinterest now! Patty, did you grow up in that home? It's gorgeous. Glad you had a wonderful time, can't wait to see more pics.


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