Friday, August 26, 2011

TGIF - Big Time!

You know it's been crazy when by Friday morning you hit the snooze button 4 times before deciding to get out of bed!

Even the kids were late to breakfast.

Some highlights from our week....


School - Science - Apologia

Ester spent last Sunday making her own bird feeder with the help of her dad.

Next she had to follow a recipe for homemade bird suet.  It called for lard, bird seed, rolled oatmeal, raisins, peanut butter, and sugar.

Being that it is way too hot to put this out, they'll leave it bagged and in the freezer until it gets cold enough (...if that ever happens!)

PE - Swim Team

On Wednesday night, I took Sally over to a local natatorium to try out for the city swim team.

She made it!

Sally is an excellent swimmer and has the height to go with it. 

She has never competed in swimming let alone been on a swim team.  We thought she just had to do 50 yd freestyle.   She did and did great. 

When asked if she knew any other strokes she replied that she knew all of them.  Which she does.  The coach then asked her to swim a 100 IM.

She sat down on the bleachers to take a short break, looked at me and said, "I have no clue what he is talking about but I'll try my best."  I told her just to try her best and be happy with that.

She did...and beyond. 

Without having any former training, she was timed at the 100 IM  (swimming four different strokes the coach asked for).

I cannot believe the stamina and strength she has for swimming.  I, on the other hand, konked out from exhaustion for her...half way through!

I was too nervous to take photos with my phone and just sat there and prayed a string of Hail Marys. 


Around the house

We have house guests coming next weekend. My younger sister, Jane, and her family are flying in and we can hardly wait to see them!

The kids and David helped me get some major house cleaning done.  Team effort makes quite the difference in how quickly things get done.  Doesn't it?

Over the course of two days, they  scrubbed down 24 windows, wiped down 24 sets of blinds, ( You should have seen the dust!!!)  and wiped down all the base trim throughout the house.


Health - Eye Appointments

The kids had eye doctor appointments.  Sally is now in contacts and is a great job getting them.  We just need to work on getting them out a little easier.

OB/GYN appointment

Mary with Infant Jesus with angels,

The doctor's office called me while I was at the eye doctor.

They needed to reschedule me so I was able to get in yesterday afternoon.

David, God bless him, worked double time where he was at in order to meet me for the sono. 

We were over the moon to see a healthy and active baby Joy.  Around 6" long now, we found the baby in a posterior, fetal position, with one hand up on his head...strumming his fingers on his he was thinking really hard about something. 


We met with the nurse practitioner this time, and she happens to be  contemplating adoption.  What a blessing it is to talk about adoption to someone in the reproductive field!


Party planning

In a few weeks, Mabel will be turning 8 years old!   Every four years the littles get to have a big birthday party with their friends. 

This time, she would like a swimming party at the subdivision pool.  Easy enough! 

Since mid-September can also mean rain (which would really be wonderful), I decided to have it two weeks early.  She can hardly wait till next Friday gets here!

Her special plans are coming along "swimmingly".

I'll post more next week!


Heat and Black Outs

We had one last night - after the sun set and kids were in bed.

Had another one earlier this evening.  This time the sun was still up and keeping things hot.

Praise God they both only last 45 minutes, but you never know how long it will be.  It is too hot and there is too much energy being used.


Thinking of and praying for all the millions of people who will be affected by this hurricane!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Way to go, Sally! I was tired just reading about it!

    That's so awesome about your appointment! God is good!

  2. you did have a busy week! It will be fun when you can get the bird food out and feed the birds. Congrats again on making the swim team, she looks like a swimmer. A big yippee on the OB appt and being able to "talk adoption"! Look forward to hearing more about the birthday planning, it's fun to turn 8.

  3. the homemade bird food sounds wonderful. we will definitely make some for our birdies in the Fall. congrats to Sally on making the swim team. that's quite an accomplishment. perhaps those hail Marys helped a little but it sounds as though your daughter is a real natural ! God bless you and your clean house. !

  4. I just learned a new word...natatorium! Congrats...We have a special place in our hearts for swimmers:) Be kind to yourself with all of that cleaning! Hoping you have a very blessed visit with your sister and family. We get to see my brother (who is in the Army), his wife and 3 boys this coming weekend. I am so excited to meet those 2 nephews that we have never met! They are prego with a 4th and it's a girl. They are over the moon! Have a great weekend and week ahead!

  5. I think we are doing the same science you guys are! We are testing which seed the birds like better right now comparing a mix to straight safflower seed.


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