Thursday, August 11, 2011


We tried these at Grammy's house last summer and they were to die for!  A kid-of-all-ages favorite for sure.



1 c sugar
1 c Light Karo Syrup
1 c creamy Peanut Butter
6 c Rice Krispies
1 c Butterscotch Chips
1 c Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips


1.  Combine 1 c sugar and 1 c Light Karo Syrup in saucepan.  Bring just to a boil stirring occasionally.  Take off of heat.  Stir in 1 c Peanut Butter and mix well.

2.  Mix well with Rice Krispies till all is coated.  Spread in a prepared 9"x 13" cooking dish.

3.  Melt the chips together in a microwavable safe bowl.  Stir and heat until melted smooth.  Pour over the Rice Krispies and frost.

4. Refrigerate these to help them set more quickly.  When set, cut into small squares and serve.

I made these for the first time last weekend and it was so quick and easy!


~  Patty  ~


  1. How is it that you do not weigh 400lbs? You are always making the most yummy treats! These sound great, might have to have Madeline whip up a batch.

  2. LOL Jill. I have been so so so sick with this pregnancy. I MAY try a nibble but really have no stomach for it all. I try mind over matter and keep busy in the kitchen.

  3. looks mouth-watering. thanks for the recipe, Patty.

  4. Heavenly!

    I made your sausage biscuits. True comfort food! I may weigh 400 lbs. soon if I keep reading your blog (and making the recipes you post;)).

  5. Lori, glad you loved those sausage biscuits!

  6. These look yummy! And I'm sure I would have no problem eating the entire pan on my own. I think I'm going to try a chocolate cake with zucchini tomorrow. The zucchini cancels out the chocolate and sugar, don't you think??!

  7. Oh, I think I've had these before! Glad to have the recipe:) Thank you. Patty!

  8. These are a staple in our house - chocolate and peanut can you go wrong? :-)


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