Saturday, August 13, 2011

Raining Happy Hearts!

I never ever thought that I would be tired of seeing endless blue skies.

You see these storm clouds below::

Those were on Thursday afternoon.

When Ester saw them she reacted to them like she had never seen them before.  "Mom!  Look!  Are those rain clouds?!"

Alas, no rain from them.  They were teasers.


For one glorious afternoon, they brought temps under 100 for the first time in 40 days!!!

40 days of straight triple digits - real temperature.

It had been at least six weeks since I heard the voices of children laughing and playing outside.    Craziness!


In the early dark hours of this morning it finally came.  The rain.

There was electricity in the air as they sat around me in bed sharing their stories of what time it woke them up and how exciting it was to hear someone spotted a UFO in the sky or something.

It isn't near the relief that Texas needs, but it is sure a welcome site (and sound)!


10 years ago today...

Ester had her open-heart surgery when she was five months old.

There are some things you can never forget.

9 years ago today...

One year later, celebrating Ester and praising God for the new life that He gave our daughter!

I wrote her story last year, here.  (If you are interested.)


Now, I'm thinking I may just climb back in  bed and listen to the sound of the rain softly falling on the roof.

Have a great Saturday!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Very beautiful post. This years and last. It's amazing the strength that God gives us when WE have none. Praying for you and baby Joy!

  2. Happy Saturday and Happy Healthy Heart to Ester! (and all of you!)

  3. So happy to hear you are getting a break in the weather! Happier yet to hear about the miracle you are celebrating:) God Bless Esther with a healthy heart now and forever. Prayers are still going out for you and baby JOY!

  4. yay to Ester and her family for a healthy happy heart! We too got rain this week, and temps went down to 70. wonderful!


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