Friday, August 19, 2011


Sally and Ester have new science books this year.  Apologia.

Sally is studying General Biology and has been working on atoms so far.  We are really enjoying the science experiments that go with it.

There is a rock in the bottom of the syrup.

There is a grape floating in the water...on top of the syrup.

There is an ice cube floating in the oil...on top of the water.

There is a piece of cork floating on top of the oil.


Mixing chemicals to see how they react.


Ester is working out of Apologia's  Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day.

One of her first experiments was to make gliders out of modeling clay, cardboard, straws, and tape.


Ester has also experimented with making summer smoothies from the American Girl Magazine.

Aloha Sipper

1 c diced pineapple, drained
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1 c orange sherbet

Put into a blender and blend well.

It was very refreshing and yummy, but only made enough for (2) 5 oz glasses.

Berry Breezer

1 c strawberry sorbet
1 c pineapple sherbet
1/4 c lemon lime soda

Blend the sorbet and sherbert.  Stir in 1/4 c lemon lime soda.

Very, VERY sweet!  Again, only made enough for (2) 5 oz. glasses.


Experimenting with new ice cream flavors.  Yum!

With all the ice cream I dished out for the Littles this summer, I haven't been able to take part in much.  To be honest, it made me nauseated looking at it.

One day, feeling good, I ate two Blue Bell, grasshopper- flavored ice cream sandwiches - two!  Oh!  They were divine!!!

Yup.  I even had the opportunity to revisit them later on that evening.

I haven't eaten one since.

This afternoon, I picked up this for the kids...

I did indulge.  I just love chocolate and adore peanut butter cups.  I couldn't resist.

Hopefully it will stay down.


Experimenting with a  recipe link up.  I plan to have it open for one month.  Feel free to add a favorite dish of your own.


Have a great weekend.  We are still hunkering down.  It is 105 degrees F as I type and the 10 day?  Let's just say 90 degrees is going to feel damn chilly down here!  


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  1. Oh my goodess... that ice cream looks A M A Z I N G! I love Reeces so I know I'd love this ice cream... except I don't know that I've seen that brand anywhere here in Missouri. I must search it out. Except I'm just 6 lbs away from my goal weight.... maybe I'll eat some in victory when I get to my goal! :-)

  2. The Aloha Sipper sounds like it might be good with a splash of rum in it for adults!
    At CCW on Thursday, we had an ice cream social after the meeting. Somebody brought some Tirimasu ice cream that was to die for.

  3. Apologia does have fun experiments, doesn't it? We are doing the Physical Science and Swimming Creatures this year. We will be doing the Biology next year (2012-13). Looking forward to seeing all your fun this year.

  4. Ester's smoothies (((homemade!))) look delicious. and that first science experiement is so cool. we should try that here. hope you are feeling well. sorry to tell you it's 65 F here right now. I don't understand it -- we may be breaking a record.

  5. Hi Patty~ I've heard great things about Apologia so eager to hear more as you go to see if you liked it. Sounds like good stuff going on at your house:) Still hope to participate in the recipe link up...I just love the idea. God Bless your week:)

  6. All sorts of great experiments!

    I love science- we have so much fun with it! The schools I attended growing up (in Ohio) really did not have science at all. Sad, because I think kids learn so much from the experience of experimenting. The same goes for "cooking experiments". ;)

    I so want to send our cool, foggy weather from this weekend your way!


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