Friday, July 1, 2011

Soft Roads/ Hard Roads

Mabel refers to the rough-riding roads as "hard roads" and smoother- riding roads as "soft roads".

I like her analogy.

Every now and then my light bulb clicks on.  I remember to revert back to her elementary way of looking at things  especially  when it is hard to make sense out of those hard roads you're stuck on and can't seem to find the exit ramp  off of.

I find myself saying, "Lord, I could really use a soft road about now."

And where are my soft roads?   Through joy-filled moments of my littles...(minus the fighting and bickering).

Soft roads are watching  kids love life.  Soft roads are learning from children.  Reverting back and just being.

I asked them to clean out the sand toys from our day at the lake last Sunday.  A few groans...followed by a "Can we put our suits on since it is so hot?"

A simple Yes added some fun to a job.

And a mud puddle to try and surf on...

I came this close to yelling when I saw the mud but realized I needed to chill-ax (as Sally says) especially when I saw his smile.

He about flipped when I said to do it again...this time so Mom could catch it on her camera.

And if you happen to be stuck on a rough road right now in your life....I hope you soon find the off ramp.

Happy July!  (Hard to believe I typed the word July....yowzer.)

~  Patty  ~


  1. Yeah, July. Hard to believe! I need to get off my hard road about now (a little chocolate is helping, though!)


  2. That looks like a lot of fun! I just ordered the same bathing suit from Land's End for Leah, it's so cute isn't it?

  3. Cute post, Patty. Love your analogies, with Mabel's help and SO true!...Love the picture you captured of water bucket over the head. Stan sure is a cute in that last shot with those goggles. Your post is so appropriate today as we Christian/Catholics can find an off ranp resting in the most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  4. Jen, yes! The suits at Lands End are so cute and on sale right now. We usually get the kids 2 or 3 down here since the swimming season is SO long! Never tried Lands End before for swimming suits and I have to say I'm very pleased.

    Tiffany, AMEN!!!

    Christine, chocolate ALWAYS helps me :)

  5. So true, so true.
    Right now I don't know if I'm on a hard road, but more of an unexpected bump in the soft one. I don't know that an exit ramp is available, so I'll just ride this one out. It could get quite interesting :) Loved your analogies and I think I'll be using the 'chill-ax' more in my summer. Cute!

  6. Have a great holiday weekend, and a great vacation!

    I'll be working, but Jim and the kids have some fun plans :)


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