Thursday, July 14, 2011

Permanent Vacation

Isn't it hard to switch gears after getting back from a vacation?  My brain and body always act as though they want to stay on a permanent one! A constant battle between reality and fantasy.

Late this afternoon, I looked around to find my kitchen in this state...

...and realized the trip was up.   You're home baby!  Lounging and laziness be gone.  (Sigh....)   This mess was just from breakfast and lunch.  In half hour, it was all cleaned up ...just in time for the dinner mess :)

Yet, another deep sigh....

Oh well.


Day 1 


Upon checking in.

David and I were like .... seriously?!   

Lemons.  Lemonade.  Lemons.  Lemonade.  The mantra kept running through my head.

The condo was great....stocked with all the old- fashioned board games one could want....what seemed like a library of books (for most ages)...and...if all else failed... a t.v. (gasp).

David and  Sally did some grocery shopping while the rest of us waited for the storm to pass.  And it did. Clouds broke way to the happy, yellow sun  (and lots of humidity.)  So we set out to explore.

Lizard Hunts

Making friends with the residents.

It was quite obvious that these beautiful residents have grown use to being fed by the locals.

The kids were hoping to coax the deer to drink water from their plastic cups.

They came pretty darn close to drinking that water!  I was impressed.  Then I  remembered the you tube video of the dog being attacked by these beautiful creatures gone mad when a baby fawn was in trouble.  And I saw baby fawn...make that fawns...right behind those trees!

I quickly reeled my own fawns back  to safety.


One of the pools was right outside our front door.  


This great, big, honking grill/smoker was set out on a picnic area right next to our pool.  So convenient!  My big treat for the entire trip...David prepared every meal (and we only ate out once)!  

So love him!


And this tennis court was right outside our back patio doors. 

Not too bad for a first day...traveling, rain, and all.


Day 2 


Words cannot express the fun our family enjoyed.  It had to have been one of the most unique experiences we ever had!

The Comal River is the shortest river in the world at 3miles long.  It is a natural spring fed river with crystal clear waters that hold steady at 72 degrees F.  And it felt so cool and refreshing.  This little river meanders its way through the town of New Braunsfel.  The ride itself is like a giant lazy river....with some deep and shallow areas alike.

We rented our tubes from Texas Tubes and set out on this grand adventure.

(We purchased a water camera for the tube trip.)

Because the trip was 3 hours long, some of us rented tubes that had bottoms.  We loaded up and set off.

It was so hot, sometimes they jumped out of their tubes to swim and cool off.  They loved it!

And if you look closely in the next photo you can see the beautiful Spanish Moss hanging from the branches of the trees.  It was such a beautiful setting.

This next photo is of Ester getting ready to go down the Chute.  The Chute is a man-made diversion to an otherwise, fairly steep waterfall.

I tried to snap a quick photo of it as Mabel and I came out.  It really reminded me of a winding tube ride at a waterpark.

A couple of the kids were scared since we were split controlling it really.  Two of the kids' tubes got stuck in a 2 ft deep whirlpool and they had to wait until David could climb out, walk over, and help them out.  I was clinging to a pole keeping an eye on them.  I couldn't move because of the currents.  It really wasn't "dangerous" just scary for the two who were stuck.

So we continued on and went down to "softer" sets of falls.  Someone with a very loud voice shouted out "Snake!" once.  But once is probably one too many times for most of us.  

One of the kids snapped this of David and myself and a blur.

After we got off at the "exit", an old school bus that was pulling a huge trailer (for the tubes) picked us up and delivered us back to the starting point.  

It was so! much! fun!

We ate a really, really late lunch at a wonderful BBQ joint.  Ate enough that it carried us through dinner as well.

You can only imagine how easy going to bed was that night!

~  Patty  ~


  1. I felt so popular today when I turned on my computer and had three comments!! So glad to hear from you.

    Your "lemonade making" was a success. I want to jump in the pictures and join you. I have to say it looks like a magical time was had by all. Floating down that river is just the perfect mixture of relaxation and adventure.

    I think your mess is the new clean- leave it and go to the pool. ;)

  2. Wow, the pictures are fantastic! My kids would love that place. The tubing looks like a great time, but yes, the word "snake!" isn't really a good one. Yuck. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  3. What fun! It all looks so perfectly perfect for a family getaway.

    ps. *love* your kitchen...gorgeous, even if it isn't all tidied up :)

  4. Lori, I love that line! My mess is the "new" clean. Amen, sister!

  5. what a great time you all had. you look so relaxed in that picture! that's what your goal was, right? a little relaxation. mission accomplished!! and your family had such fun, I can tell by their faces.

  6. Haha, back to reality! Love all your pictures...looks like a fabulous vacation!!!

  7. No Schlitterbahn? I have a cousin who lives in New Braunfels; we had our big family reunion last year there, too, but I didn't go. :(
    The tubing sounds wonderful; there's quite a bit of that going on here, too.

  8. Oh Mary, they really wanted to do Shlitterbahn but the tickets...way too much for this trip. Maybe next year!

  9. Adjusting to the reality that vacation is's never easy, is it? Looks like you all had a really great time!

    That's as bad as your house gets...seriously?! Take it easy on yourself - our house (when it's not spic n span for a showing) is "lived in" like a home should be. It's been tough for me to slack up on the cleaning and work more on the living, but it has been very good for our family (and my sanity!)

  10. This looks like a perfect getaway, Patty! Love the wild life, as if nature beckons you to be at peace:) What a sweet husband to do all the cooking too! That tubing seemed to be great fun and wonderful that you could all participate together, as a family. So happy for you all:)


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