Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Last of It

The little BROWN truck.  Don't you just love it when it pulls up and stops in front of your house giving you the honk honk?

Yesterday, as I began writing this post, it came....and the moment was rather anti-climactic when we realized the school books had arrived.

Four kids scattered like mice.

Four boxes are still lined up in the foyer.

One adult brain immediately relapsed into vacation mode.  I have decided that those four boxes will remained closed until Monday.


And for those of you who don't mind reading about more vacation days....

Day 3

We swam.

We played.

And when we needed a break from the sun and heat...there were plenty of games to play indoors.

Little fingers usually have the advantage with Jenga, but she still lost.

We did feathers.

The latest craze in Texas...feather hair extensions.

From the mouth of Mabel::  Mom, we have no bling!!!  We are plain homeschooling girls!!

I almost choked when I heard her say that.  And she thinks she is plain?!

We passed a salon with a big purple and black sign that read... We Do Feathers.  I could only laugh as we pulled in.  Who in the world thinks of these things?!  And why don't I?!

After I saw and approved, it was agreed upon that these feathers would be purchased with their own "souvenir" money that they've been saving for months now.    (3 for $25)

Ester chose 3 :: blue, pink and a black/brown stripe.

Mabel went for the bright bling :: light pink, bright pink, and purple.

And Sally chose lime green, light pink, and a purple/black stripe.

The feathers stay in for 6-8 weeks.  They are crimped in with a micro bead.  You can swim with them in.  You can wash your hair with them in.  You can brush your hair with them in.

Really.  That easy.  Like I asked...why can't I ever think of these creative trends?

Fine Cuisine.

And this little bakery sucked us in when it claimed to be the oldest bakery in Texas...according to a sign in the window.

We tasted and tasted.  And it really was good.  But I have to tell you...their streudel had nothing on my mama's streudel.

Movie Nights

Imagine...  Cactus.  Palms. Agave plants.  Mighty, majestic live oaks.  A covered, back, lobby porch lined with wooden rocking chairs.  It screamed we dare you not relax!

Turning to the right would find you gazing upon a brick patio with wrought iron patio furniture nestled snug underneath those old, crooked but wise trees.  Oh the stories they could tell.  I'm sure!

That is where they held movie night each night starting at dusk.

Popcorn, water, and kool aid were on the house.

And if the beautiful evening breeze gave you a chill....they had you covered.  One soft blanket on each table.  A pretty smooth touch!

For those who might be bored waiting for the movie to start...

...don't worry about it. They thought of everything.  I'm telling you...this resort knew your needs before you even did.   

Day 4

Austin, TX.

I just threw it out there.  We could drive straight home....or....stop and take in a tour of our lovely capitol building.  

This capitol building is the only one in the country to have been built and paid for with land.   Texas is so big that 3.3 million acres was set aside up in the panhandle to use as payment for the building of the structure.

The builders took the land and turned it into the largest cattle ranch in the world.  The XIT Ranch.

The limestone to construct the building all came from land owned by the Texas government.

Debt-free.  (Doesn't that have a nice ring!)

Visitor Center

The Texas capitol building is almost 15 ft. taller than the U.S. capitol building.

House of Representatives Chamber

This flag you see hanging behind the Speaker's desk is the flag from the 1836 Battle of San Jacinto where Texas won its independence from Mexico.

Texas remained an independent country for 8 years!

The first (and third) President of the Republic of Texas was Sam Houston, who originally came from Tennessee.  He is also the only man in history to be Governor of two states:  Tennessee and Texas.

Driving Home

We always start and end are trip with prayers of safety and thanksgiving.  We are so grateful to have had this chance for amazing family time!  Our spirits are refreshed and renewed as we enter into the second half of 2011.

Praise God!

Hoping that you can still fit some fun family time into what is left of your summer!


~  Patty  ~


  1. you guys take awesome vacations. I love all the culture and nature and beauty that was included in your time away !

  2. Glad you got some family time away, looks like you had a great time. Definitely wait til Monday to open those boxes!

  3. What an awesome trip! Hair feathers? Never heard of it, but glad the girls were able to get some "bling". I don't blame you for taking the rest of the weekend to ignore the boxes, you can still be in semi-vacation mode until Monday.

  4. Oh, my! There is so much goodness packed into this week! What fun you guys have!

  5. Just wanted to pop in and say I have been doing more lurking than writing...and this lurker really enjoyed your vacation lemonade! even I feel refreshed and I only got to read it!

    Happy Rest-of-the-Summer!


  6. That's funny you mentioned the feather hair extensions because just today my best friend and I went to an amusement park and we saw TONS of girls with them. I had never heard of them before today!

    Looks like you had so much fun! I'm so glad for that! Your pictures are wonderful!

  7. Love the photos, Patty. It looks like you took advantage of all the sites and happenings in the area. Lot of much needed fun :)

  8. Funny coincidence...Feathers are the rage here in California too! The gal who cuts my hair says they get them from the Bass Pro fishing shop! Go figure? You are steps ahead of me...I haven't even ordered our new books yet. How's that for denial? LOL

  9. Here's what I like about your vacation pictures: your kids always look so happy!
    Did I send the kids a postcard with Sam Houston's schoolhouse on it? It's about 10 minutes from my house!

  10. Looks like you've all been having so much fun! Great memories you're making there!


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