Thursday, June 2, 2011

There are those days...

...when he is so darn irresistible.  A charmer.  A sweetheart.  Hard to recall all the frustration the little boy can bring into my life :)

He was sick.  Again.  He is the one who spread it to everyone in the house just a month ago.  I kept him occupied in his room...for two days.  (Mabel's First Communion is in a couple of days and I cannot have her sick.)

After two days of living in jammies, I told him it was time for a bath.

Me:  Stan.  You need need a good bath.  You've been in those clothes for two days!

Stan:  But I did remember to change my underwear (ginormous grin on his face.)

This is the face of a little boy who cries and whines louder and harder because I remind him to make his bed.  He cries harder for that than when he broke his collar bone last spring. 

A favorite past time of his...

Fish fries and beer.  Stan drinks his root beer and David has his daddy beer.

Stan:  Dad, why don't you dwink "wegular" beer like me?  (Using his fingers as quotation marks when he says wegular.)

Sisters.  What can I say?  They  love him to the moon and back.

When I saw this next photo I thought, seriously!? 

That is exactly how I think... he thinks... life should be!

But he isn't too far off the mark, is he?

~  Patty  ~ 


  1. I love those pictures! He is adorable and I love when they are at that age when they mispronounce words <3

  2. Oh, what a sweetie! Feel better soon Stan!

    James' FHC after party is showing signs of being rained out! I don't have room for everyone here, so I am scrambling to find somewhere to accommodate all of us.

  3. Ha! Enjoy it while he can :) Hope the germs stay away from everyone else!!

  4. What a cutie one boy would cringe if he heard me call him that..should I say cool dude? And my D can do the crying wail over having to make his bed too--you would think it required braking bones or something?..

  5. Ahhh... to be a kid again! That's the life!

  6. he's a sweetie, a cutee, and I'm sure an awesome son and brother.

  7. Such a cute post about Stan, Patty! Hope your FHC day is healthy and special:-) I had to laugh at the part where he cried louder about making his bed than his broken collar bone...I have one of those little boys! Gotta love em:-) 3 more days...So excited!


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