Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer craziness

Is it hectic for you?

It has been for us!  We've actually been busier than when we were in school.  I have definitely NOT felt the wind down I had been looking forward to all spring, and our summer break seems to be moving full steam ahead.  Too fast.   Not a good feeling.

So when last week came around and I realized it was our first, real, free week since school let out in mid-May, we just decided to be l.a.z.y.  All week.  And that was okay.

Trying to knock a couple of things off the to do list, I finally  managed to take Mabel's First Communion portrait.

I was pleased with it.


Painting.  Not my favorite to do item.

 Have you ever noticed that once a wall is painted a color other than cream/white/off white, all nicks show up loud and now?  I have been wanting to spackle all marks in the bedroom and living room walls upstairs and to touch up the paint.

Yesterday I managed to get to Lowe's to buy the spackling.  

Then I napped LOL.  

But I did get that spackling done after I napped!

Today I sanded and did the touch up painting for  3 of the 4 rooms. 

 I noticed that Stan's room had more wall holes, marks, etc than all the other rooms put together.  I think he tries to bank shot his toys into his toy bins.  Ugh!


This week swim lessons started for Mabel and Stan.


Dance lessons continue for David and I.  How's it going you ask?

Well...some dances can cause a little bit of tension  (*grin*) while other ones have been darn right fun!  Tonight definitely showed a marked improvement.

The best part?  David is teaching the girls the dance steps!  They move the furniture around after dinner and start cuttin' up the rug.  They wait in line to take a turn to spin around the dance floor with their daddy...and it is just too darn sweet!

Definitely need a blog post on that :)

~  Patty  ~


  1. Mabel is absolutely beautiful!

    I'm with you, not a painter. However, I did manage to knock out three rooms last year. Prior to that our whole house was white! Yes, we've only lived here NINE years, we are pacing ourselves ;)

  2. beautiful portrait! love it!

  3. Our summer is like-wise very busy. I am hoping it slows down in July! I need to catch my breath! And Mabel's picture is gorgeous!


  4. Fantastic photo of your daughter!

    Isn't it funny how the lazy, relaxing summer you had planned turns into a whole bunch of hecticness over night? Good luck getting your projects done...then kick back and enjoy summer!

  5. oh the portrait is stunningly beautiful, the way that mabel holds her rosary, the folds in her dress, the shadows. What a lovely little lady filled with the love of Christ! I don't mind painting, so long as it is wide swaths! it's the touch ups I don't like. :)

  6. Yep, we are right with you on the summer going too fast! Your dancing lessons sound like such a fun highlight...do tell more:) I especially love Mabel's expression in her portrait. She looks like she's gazing into the eyes of Christ! Great job and it's just beautiful.

  7. Our summer is finally moving into a more relaxed mode. I am trying to figure out how "lazy" and "spackling and painting" work their way into the same post! :)

    My hubby suprised me by joining in at the "civil war dance" that we attending last night. I have to say that neither of us walked away thinking that dancing was something we would do on a regular basis. Maybe in a more low-key setting...

    Mabel's portrait is stunning!

  8. Thank you all for the kind words on her picture!


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