Saturday, June 11, 2011

Horse Crazy!

OH! What a wonderful week she had!!!   I cannot believe how much they learned! 

Day One
* Safety First - Always have a horse helmet on
* How to clean and pick horse hooves
* Setting the bridle and saddle
* General grooming
* Trotting and Cantoring a horse (depending on experience for some)
* Proper posting on a horse while it trots

There was swimming on Tuesday and Thursday class one day...and a pizza party and horse show for friends and family on the last day.

The kids were encouraged to get to know each horse and work with the different personalities throughout the week.   Ester's favorite was DeShar...who is also three weeks pregnant!

From the show  ~

Ester rode DeShar.  She was soooo excited to introduce her to us!

During camp week, the kids  received cute, orange camp shirts to wear during the show.

At the beginning, they were parading their horses and poising for cameras.  They were all so very proud of their accomplishments! 

I was amazed at all the kids.  So brave!  (I'm not as comfy on top of a horse myself.)

The kids showed us how to trot in proper post form.  They find this particular rhythm in the trot:  sit, stand, sit, to avoid a rocky ride.

The kids next presented their ability to maneuver their horses in a figure 8 while skirting around cones.

Cantoring.  Faster than a trot.  (This was fun to watch.)  Each child received a round of applause as they came by the bleacher area. 

(Can you see the smile on my girl's face?)

There were plenty of instructors on hand for the "just in case".

When the show ended, guests were welcome to go out into the arena to meet and greet the horses and riders.

On art and craft day, the kids painted horse shoes and then on show day, their instructor attached a photo of them.

Isn't that a cute idea?

Ready to be hung on the wall :)

Mabel thought she got lucky and found a bunch of little horseshoes...

...only to be told that they were toe nail clippings from a horse!

Stan thought that he had a new pet (or 2)...

(Note his souvenir bald spot above his left eye?!)

One happy camper!  (A little sore, too :)

~  Patty  ~


  1. Esther looks like a natural at horseback riding. I can tell she loved it by looking at her smiling face in all the pictures. and I do indeed note the bald spot!

  2. What a lucky girl! It looks like a dream come true for your little horse lover! :-)

  3. I'm glad she had a good experience, what a great opportunity for her! Looks like a very well run program. I love the craft they did!

  4. There is something classicly beautiful about a girl and a horse. These two are exceptionally beautiful.

  5. What a terrific experience all together! Love the painted horseshoe:) Stan's so cute with his souvenir "patch"! Looks like you are all enjoying and making the best of your summer so far.

  6. Forgot to wish you a Happy Pentecost! Hope your day is blessed with the grace of the Holy Spirit:)

  7. Looks like she had a great time! Horse toenail clippings: EWWWW!
    Chuckled when I saw Stan's bald spot! :D

  8. She looks like a happy camper! What a wonderful experience for her. I second Mary's comment on the toenail clippings- who knew?

    Hoping is Stan is okay after his ordeal at the airport.


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