Monday, June 6, 2011

Bucket List Update

Holy Cow!  It is June 6...already.  Hard to believe isn't it?

How is your summer bucket list shaping up?  I enjoyed reading what some of you had plans for.  I've been able to check a few more things off of mine.

1.  Do you have a little cowgirl- wanna- be in your house?  We do.  Ester is taking a one week horse camp this week and she is over the moon excited. 

Ester has begged asked to attend this camp for almost 4 years and this is her year!  It is from 8am-5pm each day with a horse show for friends and family on Friday.  (Those are her horse sheets :)


 Who wants to dance the 2 step?

2.  I guess I'm a little cowgirl- wanna- be myself.  David suggested that we sign up for country western dance class!  Yee Haa! 

We've been wanting to learn for awhile and are finally getting a chance to take classes during the month of June.  (One of us will end up with a pulled groin muscle, I'm sure!) 


3.  I received some California Sunshine.  Do you recognize her?

(Photo from Tiffany's blog page)

Yup!  Tiffany is in town, briefly, and I was blessed to meet her, hug her and laugh with her on Sunday.  It was a strange- kind- of -wonderful to be sitting there face- to- face.  Surreal.  She has been so inspiring and amazing as a bloggy friend!  To meet her in person, wow!  That was so special. 

I also met her oldest son!  He is just as much a kind, level-headed, young man that you read about in her blogs.   Double blessings :)

God is great!  All the time!  I thank Him often for the friends I have made through the world of bloggers. 


Prayer Request Update

Do you recall the very urgent prayer request I sent out a couple of weeks back regarding Mr. & Mrs. C and their adoption?

Well, you may enjoy this!

Personally, I think Mr. and Mrs. C have one, fabulous, summer bucket list!

(Still asking to keep those prayers coming for them.)

~  Patty  ~


  1. My daughter, Katie,(along with various brothers) took riding lessons and square dancing lessons. Looks like our families have a lot in common.

  2. I think Tiffany lives less than three hours from me! That is just not right! ;) I am happy for you and slightly envious. How fun!

    I was actually just working on writing a "bucket list" right now (up way too late). I am working on a summer one. I am going to write general one and a school one as well. You started something.

    Have fun dancing. I confess to wanting to learn as well- not sure hubby will go for.

  3. I'm so glad that you were able to meet Tiffany (and her son)!!

  4. I really enjoy reading your blog. Country western dance classes sound like fun!

  5. Horse camp: How much fun is that? :D
    It's so neat to meet bloggy friends IRL!

  6. It was complete joy to meet you, Patty! I feel so blessed that God brought us together:-) I hope you and David are enjoying those fun dance classes!

  7. Yaya for a horse camp for Esther! and it must have been so wonderful for you and Tiffany to meet. I've always wanted to learn tap dance. you're inspiring me to start working on my bucket list!

  8. It is so nice to be here visiting.
    This all sounds like so much fun!
    Happy summer to you and I will be lifting them in prayer.
    Blessings, Catherine Anne


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