Friday, June 10, 2011

And It Only Grew Worse!

Guess who slept in his own bed last night?

7:45pm First Call - plane delayed

8:00pm  Second Call - plane delayed again

8:05pm Third Call - plane is broken down  and there is no crew for it

By the third call, I could hear Stan crying in the background, "I want to go home..."

One last ditch effort was made to switch flights to Friday and EVERYTHING, they said, was booked it would be another stand by day.  No thank you!!!

David made the choice of pulling the plug on the entire weekend, and I supported him completely.  Needless to say, and for many reasons (wedding, family, airline tickets, tux rental, Stan's excitement, etc.) we are disappointed.  Very.

P.S.  The luggage made it to to get that tux back!

P.S.S.  Oh!  And we did get back $87 per ticket - Woo Hoo!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Oh... how disappointing! I'll bet today is a much better day for Stan!

  2. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry you had to pull the plug on the entire weekend, but after the day they had I don't blame them! Family will understand....

  3. I'm so sorry- what a nightmare! Air travel can be so difficult!

  4. Oh how disappointing! I hope the weekend can be salvaged with some Stan-approved fun!

  5. Oh no! Poor little fella! I'm so sorry...I bet he's glad to be home though and hopefully some extra special activity will help!

  6. What a saga!! I hope the rest of the weekend is better!

  7. Poor little man!! I am so sorry. I can only imagine the disappointment.

  8. What a huge bummer! But, I'm sure that God had some reason for this all...just wait and see what it was!

  9. Oh what a bummer! God has a way of working His plan. Hope everything works out getting all the stuff back:)

  10. Awww. I'm so sorry. Disappointment is very hard to deal with, especially when you're 5. I think he needs some ice cream!

  11. so sorry it turned out that way. at least you did get a refund from the airline. it's hard when a little one gets all excited about something and then things fall through.


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