Thursday, June 9, 2011

Airport Nightmares

I bet everyone who travels has one.  Now Stan the Man has one as well. 

Let's rewind the day, shall we?

Stan and David were up by 5:45am ready to hit the road to catch their 8:30 am flight.

It is 6:10 pm as I type this and they are STILL at DFW airport.  Yup!  Still there.

It all began when the long term parking bus dropped them off at the wrong terminal.  FYI:: DFW is like a little city in itself.  There are four gigantic terminals. You cannot walk from one to the other, so they had to wait and catch a tram to the correct terminal.

They were dropped off at the security gate instead of the luggage check which added time when they had to back pedal.

AA has a 40 minute pre-flight luggage check-in cut off.  David made it 38 min's prior.  Little Miss AA lady would not accommodate this 2 minute deficit nor their suitcase. 

No.  It wouldn't work as carry on either.  Too large.  It had Stan's tux as well as his booster seat.

So, they were not allowed to check in for their flight at all.  :)

Isn't stand-by just lovely?!?!  The next flight was scheduled for 2:30 pm. 

In the meantime, David tried to keep Stan busy.  The snacks I packed?  Gone by 10 am. 

Poor Stan had no clue what exactly was going on....and he spotted quite a few planes that he thought were just fine for "Dad and me to ride on..."  I hear ya kid.

He tried to keep himself busy by playing around the terminal chairs in the sitting areas.

Heck.  He even came out with a big glob of gum stuck to his hair.  Yup!  Stan now sports a dime-sized bald spot front and center of his hairline. 

Can you say Cheese for the wedding pics?! (Totally laughed out loud when David told me.)


In the meantime, I checked AA website and it said that there were seats available for the late (8:15 pm)flight.  My thought:::  switch tickets to that one, bring Stan home to rest, and then head back out to start over.

Makes sense, right?  Not according to AA.

This time Mr. AA behind the desk said that there were no seats open on the 8:15 pm flight.  When David tried to make the case, he received this reply: "Well, things can change quickly in 5 min's."    He told David to take the 2:30 stand by.

He did.

After waiting almost 6 hours, they weren't called.....but.....they were given two tickets for the 8:15 pm flight....the same damn one he had requested this morning.  (That is when my poor hubby blew!) 

David took the tickets and  Stan out of the airport over to Cabela's and some restaurant to escape the atmosphere and the drama.  My poor men!!

And as I am typing this, he texted me::  "Back in hell with Satan."  Guess that means they're back at the airport.

Praying it all goes well this second time around!!  If they take off when "expected," they'll be landing in at the next airport by 10:45pm tonight.  And that, my friends, is a long day for anyone let alone a little 5 year old boy.

P.S.  Still not sure where the luggage is since they checked it in with the 2:30 stand-by flight that never happened. 

~  Patty  ~


  1. I agree with Jen which is why your hubby is there an not you! :-)

  2. Oh my goodness...this IS a nightmare. So sorry they've been tested:( And did I here you say texted?? (wink) Praying the rest of their trip makes it all worth it. Can't wait to see photos of handsome Stan in his tux! Have a blessed Mommy/Daughters time.

  3. ugh, it's days like these that really test one's patience. I do hope the rest of their trip is a little easier on them.

  4. I sure do hope the luggage is waiting for them when they get there. IF they get there. They WILL get there.

  5. Oh!! Praying that the rest of the trip goes smoothly. Please update.


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