Friday, May 13, 2011

Wrapping Up Our Week 5/13/11

~ On My Mind ~

I just love a May Crowning!


With this virus starting as a raw and red throat, then moving to the chest and now in my head....let's just say we only reviewed and studied the absolute "musts" and chopped the rest out of our schedule. 


*Today we finished the last of the finals.  All actual schooling is done!!

Unfortunately, feeling so yucky has made it all rather anti-climatic.   We must celebrate next week with ice cream!

*CAT testing next week for Ester and Mabel.

*CAT testing for Sally in two weeks.


These are some of our religious themed books that we will be reading this month::

In honor of the Sacrament of First Communion~

In honor of Mary  and Blessed Pope John Paul II birthday~

In honor of St. Pascual's feast day~


We had our May Crowning this morning and I think it turned out just lovely.  I'll post more about it later this weekend.

For more home school ideas, please stop in at Jen's Forever, For Always, No Matter What.

Happy Friday!!

~ Patty ~


  1. We missed our homeschool group's May Crowning, but I am hoping to have our own little version in our backyard. I look forward to seeing your pictures.

    I just purchased that Pope John Paul II book this week. We have yet to read it, but it looks like a nice read.

    I am going to have to pull our "First Communion Reads" out of the box!

    I had hoped to do a wrap-up today. I am going to try. It has been tough to get back to "life as normal" around here. Whatever normal is.

  2. I hope you're feeling better SOON! Thanks for stopping by and watching S's reading video. He's very excited to see the comments and know that "the world" is seeing his video!


  3. Hope you are feeling better soon. Your May crowning sounds lovely. We have a Mary statue in our little Mary garden, I like Lori's idea of doing something on our own. The Weight of the Mass is a beautiful book. Congrats on being DONE with school for a bit!


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