Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Bucket List

I didn't want to be stuck in the dream-only mode the rest of my life.

So when I turned 40,  I decided to put my wish list down on paper. My lists...they change...depending on my season of life...or the season of the year.

My new summer list?  It is definitely taking shape.  And I'm sooo excited about that! 

One of the first items on my list is to meet some bloggy friends.  I really, really want to meet so many of you amazing women.  I want to put a voice to your face...to hug, smile (one of those face- aching smiles) and laugh....in person.  I want it to be tangible!

I knew I was going to be meeting two amazing bloggers for sure. 

And guess what?  I met one in person today!  And it was so great...because she is so real, so normal, so tangible!   

So... what could be  better than taking giddy, little girls to an American Girl store?  Give up?

Meeting up with Charlotte (a.k.a. Waltzing Matilda) and her littles at American Girl! 

(And I am smiling one of those face-aching smiles right now as I type this :)

Charlotte is an amazing woman in the blog world...and just as sweet and kind in the real world, too. 

Her littles are just as kind as she!   From now on when I read her blogs...as she once commented, "I can hear the voice with the words that are written."

P.S.  Ladies, she makes a beautiful pregnant mama!


And my second bloggy friend I'll be meeting?  I can hardly wait to meet her as well.... (squeal) ...


Go ahead.  Take the time to write out your own summer bucket list.    Enjoy this moment, this season, this season of life that you are in!

~  Patty ~


  1. Isn't it great to meet blogging friends IRL?

  2. How fun!!! I am so jealous!! ;) Meeting a few blogging friends (including a trip to TX) is at the TOP of my bucket list. Hopefully soon!

  3. I'm glad that you had a great time!

    I'm sorry to be missing out on the meeting of your next bloggy friend!! I know you guys will have a great time!

  4. how wonderful you two met. who's the other one?? do tell!!!

  5. What a blessed day you had:-) Echoing your squeal<3

  6. Oh boy, how fun! Who wouldn't want to meet Waltzing Matilda? SO jealous :) But then, any time I get to meet a blogger IRL is so much fun. If you're ever up my way, I'd love to meet :)

    Thanks for getting me thinking about a summer bucket list. What a great idea! Hubby and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary in September, so I think a summer/pre-anniversary bucket list is in order.

  7. I need to make a list! :) How fun to meet Waltzing Matilda! I think #1 is going to be to spend an entire day alone with hubby. Thanks for sharing your happy thoughts.

    I am have having the hardest time commenting- google keeps making me sign in and then bumping me! This is Lori @ Keeping it Simple. :)

  8. LOVE blogger meet ups! So fun! Dying to know the second one...

  9. Hey - did you guys make it through that round of storms okay? Been praying that it passed you by and for your safety.

  10. Oh, I am so jealous. 1 - you got to meet Charlotte in person and 2 - She got to spend time with you and those cutie patootie kiddos of yours. Hope things settle down for us soon and we can visit. I need to blog.....


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