Saturday, May 21, 2011

Special Visitor

I mentioned earlier on that we had a special visitor last weekend.

David's older brother was so sweet to make arrangements to stay with us (36 hours) on his way to Mexico for business. 

(I only remembered to take a photo of the two of them when we dropped Daniel off at DFW.)

The kids just love having visitors because it is so far and few in between when we get them!  Uncle Daniel's visit was really fun for Mabel....he is her godfather.

In the eyes of Stan the Man, Uncle Daniel was elevated to a higher level after he engaged Stan in a serious light saber battle.  (Uncle Daniel, you rock!)

The older two girls had fun talking his ear off.   He showed a lot of patience in listening :)  A definite A for effort!

The visit was short but sweet.  Saying good bye to loved ones always makes the distance seem even wider than what is is.


While the guys were out on their "alone" time...the ice cream truck came up the street.  I never  buy that stuff for my littles.  I can't afford it! 

As it was winding down the road, inching closer and closer to our house, they begged and pleaded with me to purchase them something.   I kinda caved.   

I blurted, "Fine! have to use your own money!"

And they did :)

A couple of neighbor kids joined them.  It was so cute...a big treat for them. 

Yup.  I was a dork and grabbed my camera to take pictures of the moment.  My poor kids!  Half the time they just roll their eyes when they see me coming.

 But it doesn't stop me. 

Life is passing too quickly.  Stopping to take photos makes me stop and enjoy life more.  Especially moments like this...

Oh to be young and carefree again!

As they were sitting in the shade, savoring every morsel, the only decisions they needed to make I eat the gumball eye first......I wonder what that color tastes like.....I need to get it into my mouth before it drips on my leg.  

No other worries.

They were totally oblivious to me and the camera.


And with family so far away....blogging just shrinks the miles.  Hi Grammy!  We know you'll see this :) 

Our old friend Eleanor puts it this way in her emails..."It is as though we are living next door."  Wish we still were, Eleanor!

Have an amazing weekend and I hope you have the opportunity to visit a loved one yourself!

~  Patty  ~


  1. how fun that your kiddos got to see their uncle(and godfather). we have a local ordinance that bans ice cream trucks -- it's a crying shame! apparently the rationale for the ban is that kids run out into the street and are at risk of being hit by a car. have a good weekend.

  2. We never do the ice cream truck either!! Glad you had a special visit with family :)


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