Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Chit Chat

Mabel:  Mom.  I learned something about sleep today.

Me:  What's that?

Mable:  Your body really needs it in order to get its energy back.

Me:  And you just heard about this today?  (Trying not to sound too sarcastic.)

Mable:  Yup.  I heard it on a movie.

Me:  Not from me?  Like.... 500 times?

Mable:  You never told me that before!  Mom, you have no rememory.

Me:  (Thinking to myself...did she just say rememory?) 


I wrestled  convinced David into realizing that even though we love our family, visiting them two years in a row is not a family vacation for us.

I'm thinking about a drive out to southwest Texas....Big Bend region. 

Picture: Sand dunes......Odessa Crater...swimming in the San Solomon Springs oasis...history...McDonald back riding...mother nature...hiking...breath taking views.

David thinks I may be having another Clark Griswald moment.

I say, let him think!

Do you have any big plans for the summer?


They came! 

The kids earn their Six Flags tickets each year by reading. 

The Texas Giant is now open.  Sally is our  daredevil and can hardly wait to go on it.  (I don't do big roller coasters.) 


Rummaging through Stan's draw looking for a nice, clean pair of jeans to wear to daily Mass...

Me:  All I see are "holy" jeans, Stan.  You have to have some that aren't. 

Stan:  My "holy" jeans really make me pray hard, Mom!


Prickly pear.  My neighbor just gave these to me to plant.   Somehow they make me feel more Texan (*wink*)

Those fingers across the top are were filled with gorgeous yellow flowers last week.  In the fall, they will bloom a luscious red color.


Hope your plans for summer are coming along nicely!

~ Patty ~


  1. you've got beautiful blue eyes Patty (I see them in the pic of you and Stan.) what a nice neighbor to give you that cactus. is it a cactus?? ongrats to your children on earning their tickets. looks warm in your part -- we are still chilly here. barely 60 today. and rain.

  2. Prickly Pear. I love it! Totally not something I'll ever have the likes of in this frigid climate, but I enjoy seeing what others get to keep in their yards.

    Sounds like a fun family vacation to me! We don't have plans yet, but are thinking that a return trip to the LaCrosse Shrine in Thanksgiving for little Gianna is a must :) And, it's our 10th anniversary in Sept. so we hope to maybe do a few small things as a couple over the summer too. We'll see.

  3. This is such a cute post, Patty! I adore the photo of you and Stan. Gotta love the HOLY jeans;-) Not much to our summer plans due to Rod's fire schedule...We will have to plan a few little things and maybe a family trip in the Fall. A highlight of my summer is coming up in a few weeks as I zoom in and out of your neck of the woods;-)

  4. Gardenia! Thanks for such the lovely comment. I have to give the credit to my father who was half Irish, half English.

  5. Your vacation plans sound heavenly, and yes you will have your Clark Griswald moments but God has a way of making those the funniest things we remember later!! Bob keeps threatening that we are going to rent an RV one day and take a family vacation - now that is where I draw the line! Great pictures of you and the kids :) I remember when you guys did Six Flags last year too!

  6. Ah, summer still seems so far away! We have recitals this week and then a week off before our homeschool co-ops presentation day. Still a lot of work to get done before we can slip into summer mode!

    The girls go to Schoenstatt camp for a week and they can't wait. We go to a family camp for a long weekend which is fabulous - all the meal are prepared for us! We head to North Dakota for a week to visit relatives (I agree with you, visiting family really does not qualify as vacation...but the kids LOVE it!). Todd takes the big kids on a dad camping weekend. Throw in a couple weeks of swim lessons and mandatory ballet for Madeline and the summer is over.

    I think we actually hit 70 today! We were out weeding so that we can get the garden planted this weekend...hopefully!

  7. You are so beautiful, Patty. Your posts make me smile. :)

    The Prickly Pear is very cool, btw. Neat shape.

  8. Loved Mabel's Jive talking...hilarious (again...your music choices add to the hilarity)

    Our summer vacation plans have turned into family visit's this brother is getting married in August so we will head to So Cal for bridal shower and wedding.

    We went to an RV show last weekend and saw some of these luxury vehicles!! We would LOVE to have the $$$ to buy one and spend vacations seeing the US from the road!! It is a dream of ours, actually. Maybe someday...
    One of my fondest family vacation memories was the RV vacation for three spite of the fact that we all got some sort of stomach bug. :)

  9. That cactus is beautiful! Is it as big as it looks in the picture?
    My uncle used to take the big kids to Big Bend when we visited, but I never got to go since I was one of the little kids. :(
    Very cool that the kids earn Six Flags tickets! Stan: that boy does have my heart! (I may have said that once or twice, huh?)
    Mable: What a cutie pie! She's keeping you on your toes!


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