Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Crowning

We have a beautiful tradition in the Catholic Church of honoring Mary, not to be confused with worshipping her. 

The Holy Trinity, (God the Father, Jesus the Son, the Holy Spirit), alone do we adore and worship. 

We honor Mary like we would honor our loved ones who are no longer with us.  Just as we bring flowers to our loved ones' final resting place or have memorials for them, we honor Mary with flowers. 

Typically, children who have received (or will be receiving) their First Holy Communion are part of an adorable procession filled with loving songs and flowers. 

I organized the May Crowning this year.  We were there early and Mabel was waiting patiently for the other children to arrive.

She has not yet received her sacrament but looks forward to it with great anticipation. 

(Faces blurred since I forgot to ask permission to post them.)

At least seven children in  our home school group are First Communicants this year.  Four of them were able to be part of the processional that we had. 

Just as we surround ourselves with pictures of loved ones that all of us have in our homes, we surround ourselves with pictures or statues of loved ones that wait for us in Heaven.  We do not pray to the statues.  They are just gentle reminders for us.

They are God's friends so they are our friends.

Friday, May 13, is the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.  Our May Crowning just happened to fall on that date. 

It was a God moment though.

I talked to the children about how 94 years ago on that date, three children were saying their prayers while tending their flock of sheep when Our Lady first appeared to them.  Now those children are in Heaven with Our Lady.

I told the children how happy Lucia, Jacinta, and Fracisco must be that we were loving Our Lady as they had!

With that, a man came into church.  New to the area, he was looking for a bulletin to find Mass times.  And guess what?

He and his wife home school their 10 children and they were looking for a home school group!

God happened to direct that father right into our path at that exact moment.  And Yes!  I do believe that Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco were dancing with joy in Heaven last Friday morning.


On a sad note~

Last evening at Mass, our dear beloved shepherd, Fr. Bradley, annouced that he will be transferred to a new parish around July 8.  

I cried.  I wanted to be selfish, but I know I cannot.  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton of Plano will receive such a blessing when Fr. Bradley becomes their new pastor, their new shepherd.

Fr. Bradley, what can I say...

I had 16 years of Catholic education from Franciscans, Benedictan Monks, and Jesuits.  Fr. Bradley stands out among them all as the priest who was passionate about reconciling people back to God through the beautiful  sacrament of reconciliation. 

His piety and utmost reverence for the Mass only inspired one to grow closer to Our Lord.

His homolies would explain to his flock the meaning of the readings and how we could apply them to our everyday lives.

He continues to help us work our way through the grief of losing our baby this past winter.

His loving support, encouragement and guidance to parents who choose to home school will also be mourned by those of us who attend St. Michael's. 

I pray for him and for our parish as we await the annoucement for our new pastor.  If the new pastor is half the priest that Fr. Bradley is, we will be blessed again.

P.S.  After Mass, Father said, "We will talk tomorrow night."  (We will be at the same graduation ceremony tonight.) I look forward to having the moment to express our gratitude in the blessing that he has been to for our parish.

~  Patty  ~


  1. Hi Patty~ You are so gracious and charitable about explaining our Catholic faith to your readers. I don't always give such good explanation. Your May Crowing experience sounded lovely. I am organizing our Little Flowers group next Friday and was planning on visiting Catholic icing for ideas. Any good suggestions? If you have time to e-mail, that would be
    great:-)Ours will be outdoors at our Fatima shrine. I will pray that with one door closing, another door full of new light will be opening for you and your parish!

  2. Beautiful explanation of the May Crowning! I'm sure Mary had a hand in the man walking into the church when he did! That is incredibly awesome!
    I know how you're feeling about Fr. Bradley. I talked with our Parish Priest last week, and he fully expects to be transferred. My heart is heavy, but someone will be getting a wonderful priest.

  3. I love your explanation of our devotion to Our Lady (and the saints). You told it so simply and understandably. you have a wonderful way with words, patty. The tradition is a wonderful one at your parish. Prayers for your mabel as she prepares for her First Holy Communion. will it be later this year? It is a blow when we lose a pastor who means so much and who has done so much to bring us back to the faith or strengthen our faith.

  4. Beautiful photos! Sorry to hear your priest will be leaving. It's hard when it feels like they have become a member of our family. I love that the girls get to wear their FHC dresses more than once :)

  5. Wonderful post - again. Mabel looks beautiful! I know she must be getting excited about receiving her first Holy Communion soon. We will be praying for her.

  6. Lovely...we need to plan our own this week.

  7. Patty, I am so thankful to come to your blog today and read your beautiful words about Father Bradley! I am a parishioner at Seton and we are all very sad that our Father Henry will be leaving us shortly. While still sad, it is comforting to know that we will be receiving another wonderful priest. I will keep your parish in my prayers that you will also receive a great priest!

  8. Our priest was moved last July. It was heartbreaking as well. I know the parish he was moved to will be blessed by his presence, but I selfishly wish he were still with us.

    I love the May Crowning. We missed ours with the homeschool group this year. I keep thinking we will do a small one in our backyard, but the month is almost over.

    Beautiful pictures!


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