Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lookin' For Good

Amongst the bad and the ugly.

The Bad? 

This mama does NOT do black coffee.  Things get hairy when Mama doesn't have coffee in the morning.  You could say, down right ugly.  A quick trip for some foo foo (as David calls it) made it all better!

The Ugly?

Big, bad tornado the wake of Joplin's horrific tornado.

To the northeast...


...and  creeping in from the southwest...

 When the sirens go off, the hair on my arms stand up a good inch, I tell you, and a lump forms in my throat. 

Pure fear.  I've said it before and I'll say it again....the closet under the stairwell?  Doesn't cut it.

We did find some good.

David looked out the window to find this little fella swimming for his life up our front lawn. 

He measured about 10" round.  The kids were thrilled to think that they finally had a house pet...only to find him MIA from the backyard in the morning.

Not sure where he came from ...not sure where he went.

The good?

Root beer floats and ice cream sundaes!

A lovely Korean neighbor who sends over real suishi.  Even though David and Stan are the only ones to eat it, I still think it is pretty.

Things that fly...

Mermaids that save helpless lady bugs from drowning in the pool.

And speaking of mermaids...

Compliments of Mabel.  Don't 'ya love it?!

$3 (clearanced) costumes after Halloween....priceless and fun...

...endless fun...(and peace and quiet for Mama.)

And The Stars and Stripes...which stands for so much good!

David is taking the Littles camping Friday night for Memorial weekend.   Their first time with Dad - alone.  How I wish I could be a fly on the wall of the tent  :)

I'll be meeting them out at the lake on Saturday morning for a day at the beach.  We love going to the lake.  I'll be sure to share the photos from this year's adventure!

P.S. Each year, there is a fabulous PBS program on Sunday night of Memorial Weekend. It is a memorial program from Washington D.C. in honor of the brave men and women who have given so much to protect this great country (6pm Central Standard Time). Real stories that need parental guidance. Very patriotic, very emotional. You won't be disappointed!

~  Patty ~


  1. I love this post. The photos are wonderful.

  2. I stopped drinking coffee, can you believe it? When I started drinking green smoothies I just sort of lost my taste for it. Also, we love sushi - we just had some yesterday! All of the kids will eat it except for two.
    Love the turtle pictures, tell the kids I'm so sorry he got away. Have a great, great time at the lake on Saturday!

  3. thanks for the PBS suggestion. I love shows like that. your post was very cool. I like the flavored creamers too for a change. but I love my coffee pitch black and sometimes with one ice cube, so I don't burn my tongue. I never think to go for the costume clearnance sales after halloween. what a good idea. the storms have been really something here too.

  4. Thanks for the PBS tip! I'm the same way with my coffee: I don't know how anybody can drink it black! Right now I have the Caramel Machiatto...yum!
    Scary skies during the storms. We don't have sirens here, but when we lived in SC that sound would make my stomach drop. Eerie sound, for sure.
    What a beautiful mermaid Mabel drew! Sweet girl!

  5. I love the PBS shows. I enjoy the flavored creamer too, but I usually take my coffee black, one ice cube so I don't burn my tongue! I never think to go to the halloween costume sales. You got a good one for Stan. Happy weekend.

  6. Tornado warnings would have me fearful! I am glad that you are all save. I love the pictures of the turtle. I will be showing them to my boys for sure.

    I love the sidewalk chalk drawing and the sushi looks delicious (and I don't even eat sushi;)).

    I am going to see if I can get my MIL to record that program for us. Thanks!

  7. Oh boy, we've been praying for ALL of those affected by the storms. Immediately prayed for you guys when we heard there were warnings in your area too! Gosh, I hope things are calmed down over there. Great post! You are so gifted with picking the sweetest little misc. gifts and blessings in your life. What a neat coincidence, my husband took 4 of our children backpacking this weekend too...First time for 2 of our littles in a tent! I'm home with our 3yo...wish we lived closer, I'd have you over for some foo foo coffee while the rest explore the wilderness!


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