Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chit Chat

I always wanted to do this.

Porch lights.  Strung along the roof line on the back porch. 

Gave them to my beloved to hang and he just looked at me and said, "Seriously?  You really want to hang these up?"

Heck ya.

Oh....I daydream about a fancy shmancy patio that has furniture good enough to be indoors.  I envision walking outside and hearing soothing waterfall sounds and see gorgeous blooming flowers all around.   

(Laughing out loud as I type...)  the only waterfall sounds I hear are coming from the neighbor's gorgeous pool a couple of doors down.  And the flowers?  I am slowly adding things to what was once a blank canvas. 

But the fancy shmancy patio....Ya....that won't happen on our budget.  So, I'm making it more livable the best way I can.  And it just may start with a strand (or 4) of cute flower lights.

Now I'm on the hunt for an attractive citronella/candle holder...

~ Patty ~


  1. Pretty!! I always wanted a front porch with twinkle lights of some sort....had for awhile in college. But, as much as I love my house now, there is no "Front porch" just a step to the door.

    But yours looks lovely...can I come and sip margarita's on your porch?

  2. These sweet little things are what matter most sometimes! Love your patio dream...Sounds good to me!

  3. P.S. I don't always have my computer sound on but I love how you always coordinate the perfect songs to your post!

  4. ok, I love those !!! I've been dying to string little lights in our back yard from one tree to another, over our patio. Just haven;t gotten around to doing it. good for you, for doing it!! so many little things I want/plan to do, i don't make the time to do.

  5. I like your lights! I used to be all about "What will the neighbors think?" NOW, if it works for us, it's working PERIOD. Thus, why we now have a dog fence off our deck... yes, we have a dog and since I'm not big on dog walking...there ya go! I'm sure a petition is in the works as I type. ;)

  6. How sweet are they?? We have little green leaf-lights on ours (and ours is sooooo not fancy schmancy either :-))

  7. I know what kind of porch you are dreaming of, usually in a Pier 1 commercial or something like that. The lady is usually sitting, uninterrupted, reading a book. That lady, or her porch, doesn't really exist, at least not in this season of life! LOL!
    I love the lights and you will enjoy them immensely this summer!!

  8. I know what you mean! I'd love to have my back porch covered and screened in. We got a decent table/chairs last year. I've looked at the outdoor rugs but can't justify buying one! I LOVE outdoor lights!


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