Friday, April 8, 2011

Wrapping Up Our Week 4/8/11

~ On My Mind ~

The weeks seems to be picking up speed!  Hard to believe it is yet another Friday.


I saw a great Stations of the Cross activity for pre-school - primary grade level over at Catholic Icing.  You can see her activity here.

I had to improvise a little bit...but came out with the same objective.

Stations File Folder Activity

1. Stations stickers
2. file folder
3. index cards
4. glue
5. scissors
6. glue
*I had my final project laminated.


I started with these Stations stickers that I purchased at Autom.  (You have to buy in bulk quantity.)

I made a set of Stations cards and glued them onto the file folder. 

I made a second set to be used as the playing deck.  The child can match up the Stations by picture or by number.

I had a ton of stickers left over so I made another set and connected them to a key ring.  A very appropriate "toy" to bring to church for little ones.

I had them all laminated afterward and they curled.  Yikes!  I've since put them in between the mattress and hopefully, they'll flatten out a little more.

*Note: The stickers came in bulk - 12 packages - each package held 4 sheets.  48 sticker sheets - that's a lot of Stations!

Extra Curricular:

Sunday - Laetare Sunday Re-dedication ceremony of church organ - organ concert (with harp, violins, clarinet).
Monday - Piano lessons
Tuesday - Piano lessons
Wednesday - Stations of the Cross/ Choir Practice


As always, you are welcome to join in this link at Jen's Forever, For Always, No Matter What.

Have a wonderful weekend!

~ Patty ~


  1. I love this file folder game, I will definitely remember this for next year. I chuckled over your comment about the jelly beans, life is so hard sometimes! Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring them a bag:)

    Thanks for linking up again and have a great weekend!

  2. Good stuff. The file folder game came out well! I have thoses stickers, so am going to make my grandson the cards on a ring to take to church- great idea!!

  3. Hi....coming to you from Jen's blog. We are Lutheran, and observe the stations of the cross, also. I love your activity!

    I am new to your blog - following you now!


  4. I loved that idea over at CI too. Yours turned out great! Have a blessed weekend;-)

  5. Oh - fantastic idea.


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