Friday, April 29, 2011

Wrapping Up Our Week 4/29/11

~ On My Mind ~

*If I were to marry my beloved again, I would have worn what the Duchess of Cambridge wore! It was elegant and perfect for the inside of a church.

*The blasted winds are back!  Ugh!


General Studies:

*The girls are starting to wrap up.  Two of them have finished their phonics books. 

*Final tests will begin by the end of next week with the tests being spread out over the next two weeks.  Some subjects are further along than others.


*Looking for a new Kindergarten program for Stan next year.  I think I'll start with Seton as a base and branch off from it. 


*I will look for a new science program for Ester for 5th grade as well as one for Sally for the 7th grade.  I have heard a lot of good things with the Apologia program.

Achievement Tests:

*I ordered the CAT tests for Ester and Mabel and will administer it at home as I do each year.  Seton than scores it for the families.

*The end of May, Sally will be taking the long form Cat 5 with a group of homeschoolers that will be proxied by a handful of moms.  She is old enough now where she should be taking it in a group setting. 


Little Flowers/Little Woman's Hospitality Program:

The hosting family had the stomach bug and so we postponed our LF/LW group this week.  I was going to be teaching more on the virtue of Loyalty. 

We were focusing on Poppies again, and I had come up with this cute idea for the Little Flowers art project::

I first sealed the inside and outside of each.  Next, I painted three poppies around the outside of mine as an example for the girls.  I also purchased a set of poppy seeds for them to plant when they are finished painting.  I think they'll like this craft!


We received package in the mail from some postcard buddies!

This card and lovely package came from Tiffany and her family (Family At the Foot of the Cross).  The kids really enjoyed it!  Thank you, Tiffany and family!

If anyone is ever interested in exchanging state postcards, let me know.  They can be very hard to find these days!



The girls are singing for a First Communion Mass on Saturday morning and a Divine Mercy / Pope JPII program at church on Sunday afternoon. 


The long awaited notice came......our subdivision pool opens Saturday, April 30th!!!!


Please stop in at Jen's Forever, For Always, No Matter What to visit more homeschooling fun.

~ Patty ~


  1. Love the flower pot idea. You are far more artistic than I! Yay for the pool, but I'd settle for a solid week of 60 degree temps...brrr:)

  2. Her dress was absolutely gorgeous!! Have you looked into Kolbe science? I have heard really good things about it. I gave Jacob the CAT a few years ago and it was very discouraging. However, I really should do it again just to see where we are.

    Lucky Ducks! You will be swimming and we just want to be outside without a coat!
    Have a great Sunday, we've been doing the novena and it is so beautiful.
    Thanks for linking up!

  3. The Little Flower's Loyalty craft with the poppy seeds and painted planter sounds wonderful. yay for the pool opening. we are still in the 40s and 50s here. today we did reach mid 60s with sun. ahhh.

  4. I love reading about your weeks. I love your flowerpots. If you would like a postcard from Maryland, I would love to exchange cards with you.

  5. I thought Kate's dress was everything it should be: simple and elegant and just beautiful! She was a beautiful bride & looked like a princess.
    I'm seeing the irony in y'all doing poppies and getting the postcard from Ca. with a poppy on it!

  6. Great wrap up! We've got the blasted wind here too. How great that you'll have a summer pool;-) Cute flower pot idea. Glad the kids liked the postcard and Happy Divine Mercy and JPII Beatification...Awesome that your girls get to sing!

  7. Patty, I am envious. We have about 6 weeks to go for the year. We really like Apologia science. I think it is an excellent program. Have fun at the pool! Miss you.

  8. Great week. I love the poppy craft.

    Our pool opens the 8th. Can't wait. :)


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