Friday, April 15, 2011

Wrapping Up Our Week 4/15/11

~ On My Mind ~

This was one tough week!  TGIF - big time!


Extra Curricular:

Monday -
*Play date for Stan (deligent about setting up boy time for him twice a week.)
*Play date for Ester with new girl that moved to the area.
*Piano Lessons

Tuesday -
 *Moms' Night Out.  (I savor moments like those!)
*Piano Lessons

Wednesday -
*Little Flower and Little Woman's Hospitality Meeting

Thursday -
*Cancelled all other extra curricular activies for the day - there are those moments when you need to just pull the plug.

Friday -
*Playdate for Ester, Mabel, and Stan.  (A new family moved into town and they have children to match some of our kids' ages.  Trying to make them feel welcome and not so home sick!)


Little Flowers

Our group meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday afternoon of each month.  The mothers divide up the teaching and I have April (the Little Flowers group).

We are studying about Saint Lucy and the virtue of Loyalty.  

The flower for loyalty is the Poppy.  Now you know why they hand out Poppy flowers on Memorial Day Weekend - to honor the loyalty of our military men and women!

I taught them their lesson and then we made a poppy craft.

We thumb- painted poppies and framed them.  After that, we attached the memory verse on the frame.

This is Mabel's finished craft~

When our group meets, the moms all are assigned to bring a dessert/snack to share.  It all works out quite lovely. 

The Little Woman's Hospitality group (older girls) meets at the same time with another mother.

Blue Knights

I would love for our little boys to start a Blue Knights group.  The fathers are suppose to teach.  If your beloved has been involved with a Blue Knights group, I'd love to hear suggestions!

School in general:

We are in the final review of subjects.  Wrapping up what they've studied all year long.  In some cases, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Amen!


*Mabel finished studying Microscopic Animals and has just started Insects.  Using a microscope is just so. much. fun.


For more educational ideas, please check out Jen's link up at For Ever, For Always, No Matter What.

~ Patty ~


  1. It does sound like your school is beginning to wrap up a little. Sounds like it was a super busy week for you guys.

  2. CUTE poppy print and verse! Stopping by from Forever, For Always, No Matter What!


  3. The poppy flowers art and the Bible verse are wonderful!

  4. That poppy craft is totally cute! I never knew why they handed out that flower and now I do. Fun little piece of trivia to (try!) remember while watching the parade. Your year is almost over, yay! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!

  5. Good for you for pulling the plug when you needed to!

    Your poppy craft turned out adorable!

    Praying for a not so tough weekend and next week for you.

  6. Peter and Daniel are in a Blue Knights group in Wylie. You'll have to ask him about it sometime. It's very fraternal, and I don't have a grasp on how it really works.

  7. Yay for having the freedom to "pull the plug" when need be! Looks like you had a fun week. Glad you got a Mom's Night Out. You deserve it!

  8. I LOVE this craft idea and am going to have to try and remember it for the next time we work on this virtue.


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