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Wrapping Up Our Week 4/1/11

*Note:  Our gracious host of this homeschool link is spending the days nursing a little sweetie of hers back to health after a successful surgery (praise God!)  I'm going to wrap up anyway...
~ On My Mind ~

Our life experience this past winter has allowed me to evaluate my outlook on life, (again).  I've grown acutely aware of how I need to stop forfeiting Stan and Mabel's childhood in order to keep up with Sally and Ester's ever-expanding ages and activities.  I need to allow the younger two to be just that...the younger two.

~ Highlights of Our School Week ~

In February, all three girls took an oil painting class.  The subject was the Rocky Mountains.

This week,  Sally and Ester signed up for the class.  The subject was Texas Bluebonnets.  (Our state flower.)  There are some Indian Paintbrushes mixed in with those Bluebonnets as well.

Bluebonnets make their debut starting in late March and go full force through April.  If you have never witnessed them in all their glory, I've linked a post from last April here.  You can also view the beautiful Indian Paintbrushes.  The pictures are toward the bottom of that post.

Two year's ago, I took Ester into the Bluebonnet fields and shot her First Holy Communion pictures.  If you like, you can view them here.   I thought they had turned amazingly gorgeous!!!

You have to admit, there is something just breath taking about the Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes.  We are looking forward to hitting the fields again soon! 

*Sally is working on her last quarterly book report.  She just finished reading this requirement:

*Ester has begun her last book as well:

*Mabel will start her book in another week or so.

Ester is doing fabulous on her state study.  Someone suggested the site, Hands of A Child, for a resource on lapbooks.  I have only downloaded the one so far, and I really like it. 

I found this cute cookie cut out at Hobby Lobby.  Check it out!

I thought it would be fun to make some cut out cookies or cut out brownies.  It is too small to cut out a sandwich with.

*Mabel was introduced to division.  I really like how the Seton Math  (grade 2) explains it. 

*Stan is greatly improving with his numbers.   He can count up to 13 without mistakes.  He can recognize up to 10....with a few stumbles on 8, 9, and 10.

He seems to finally enjoy school.  (Hope that keeps up!)


What are the Stations of the Cross and where did they come from? children asked me.  Here's a very brief explanation:

There has always been a desire (and practice) by Christians to pray and meditate the steps that Our Lord took while carrying his cross. 

The exact street that Jesus walked in Jerusalem as he carried his cross is named Via Dolorosa (Sorrowful Way).  It is very ancient and narrow, paved with large stones.  The Via Dolorosa extends from the Praetorium (the judgement seat of Pontius Pilate) all the way to the hill of Calvary (Golgotha), where Jesus was crucified.

The earliest Stations of the Cross were markers and symbols etched in secrecy along the Via Dolorsa.  They were etched in secrecy because of the persecution of Christians. 

After Constantine's miraculous conversion to Catholicism, he ended the persecution of Christians.  Eventually, the fourteen Stations of the Cross were chiseled in the walls of the Via Dolorosa, and the ancient chiselings were guarded and protected during the Crusades.

Most people are not able to make it to Jerusalem and pray the Stations.  So, the Pope granted permission for the fourteen Stations of the Cross to be set up in the churches throughout the world.   

Great graces and indulgences are granted to those praying the Stations of the Cross. (Catholic Education Resource Online)


*Our priest was open to the idea of allowing the homeschool families into the chapel to say the Stations of the Cross during the week.  (Days and Time will change each week because of schedules.) 

He has Stations of the Cross on Friday evenings, but the time does not always work well with the schedules of homeschool families.

***Sadly, the doors of our church must remain locked during the day except for one side chapel door.  There had been a problem with drifters.***

Extra Curricular:

Monday - Dr. appt. - Oil painting class

Tuesday - Piano lessons

Wednesday - Stations of the Cross - Choir practice

Friday - First Friday Mass - donut breakfast.  Yum! Yum! - playdate for Stan and Mabel

We LOVE donuts but try to limit ourselves and make it special.  We go for donuts after First Friday Mass each month.  It has been a lovely tradition.

Have a blessed weekend!

~ Patty ~


  1. Love the artwork! The girls are really talented. Beautiful pictures of Ester in her FHC dress. It is a challenge to balance out everyone's schedules! Another great week at your house. Have a great weekend!

  2. You have some very artisiticly talented girls!
    I had to divide my boys into two groups too. You will now often here me saying "the little boys" for that same remind myself that they are younger than my older boys.

  3. Your girls pictures are beautiful! I am so glad you shared them.

    I have come across the "older kid/younger kid" theme in my life too. It is a constant struggle to keep the "little kid" things going for my 7 year old.

    I am glad your pastor was willing to work with the homeschoolers on a time to do the stations of the cross.

    Those FHC dress pictures are breathtaking!!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I miss my own painting days. You mentioned trying to remember that the little ones are still little ..what have you done concretely to accommplish this? I worry about this too, but I don't know how practically to make it happen.

  5. Thanks for sharing such a joy-filled week. Love hearing about it. The art work is amazing with those bluebonnets...those will be lovely to hang up! The First Communion photos were really breathtaking too. I feel blessed that our church is open all during the day. We need to take advantage of popping in there a lot more! Have a blessed weekend.


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