Saturday, April 9, 2011

Smorgasbord Saturday

I saw this book on Shower of Roses.  I ordered it and absolutely loved it.  So did the Littles, especially Mabel and Stan.

A beautiful Easter story that ties nature and our Creator with Easter and Jesus' Resurrection.  When I read it to Stan and Mabel...they were wonderfully quiet and completely absorbed in the story.  I find this as a perfect compliment to our Easter book collection.

Speaking of reading...

I just love these moments!


I'm just loving these as well...

My rose bush is ginormous this year!!!  It has to be 4.5' x 4.5' easily.  I just planted two more.  Double-knock outs...they are the best I tell ya'!  Low maintenance.


And I love it when low maintenance meshes into another area of my life.  Clothes.

Sweet Maggie inspired me to go shopping at Goodwill for skirts.  I love! love! love! skirts (and sundresses) in the summertime. 

Hey, Maggie!  Look what I found -

3 knee-length skirts for $3.50 each.  Major Cha-ching moment for the week!  (P.S.  David thanks you, too! ;)

Summertime lasts a long time down here in Texas.  One cannot have enough of skirts or sundresses.


And speaking of weather...
Warning to northerners:  We've been taking our  summer nightly walks again.  I grew up in the Midwest and LOVE so many things about it...but...I love the warmth so much more.  (The Midwest is receiving some of that warmth this weekend according to the weatherman.)

Came home the other night to these bombing the front door and lights.

There is just something so creepy about June bugs that totally freaks me out.  And why are they called June bugs?! 


And do you have your copy?

Yesterday, after school and chores, the Littles begged me to go purchase the DVD.  (It was released yesterday.)   We did and enjoyed a nice movie night.


Last but not least...Stan.  Today is his Gotcha Day...a very special day in the adoption world.  It is the day that children are placed into the arms of their waiting parents ...forever

With the Korean program, we had to wait six months to legally adopt Stan in the United States.  We call that his Adoption Day.  (Last fall, I shared our Adoption Day story here.)  

The wait time for legally adopting varies from country to country with some countries finalizing adoption in the child's birth country.

At any rate...

We usually celebrate Stan's by doing some cultural trip.  Last year, we took him to visit a Korean Catholic church in the Dallas diocese. 

(Stan in vestibule of St. Andrew Kim Parish, Dallas Diocese.  The statue is of St. Andrew Kim Taegon.)

We have also taken him to various Korean shopping centers, Korea Town,  and Korean grocery stores, always allowing him to pick out some souvenir from South Korea.

This year...I found him on the couch like so...

 Poor baby!  Yes, he is in a pirate costume.  After watching Narnia, he asked Daddy if he could sleep in it.  Of course, Little Man!

Stan has always had a sensitive tummy.  He will wake up feeling sick to his stomach, only to sleep until noon, and then he wakes up feeling totally fine. 

So our plans for today are on hold... 

~ Patty ~


  1. Happy Gotcha Day to your little sweetie and that day that you got to scoop him up in your arms forever:-) We just got the Easter Robin book too! It's a true GEM. Great job on the skirts...such pretty material and love that bargain. Have a blessed weekend and enjoy the sunshine and those gorgeous roses!

  2. Oh I hope Stan feels better, and Happy Gotcha Day! He looks so sweet laying on the couch. I love the skirts!! Last summer I went on a kick and that was all I wore, I loved it. However, winter arrived in the midwest and I haven't worn too many lately, time to get back to it. It's so feminine. A couple of my girls really love them and would wear them everyday. Have a great weekend!

  3. Happy Gotcha Day Stan!! Hope you perk up for some afternoon fun. And we too got the Easter Robin book due to Shower of Roses, but I am saving it for an Easter Basket gift. now I need to check out Salvation Army and Goodwill...I have SUCH A HARD TIME finding skirts and dresses.
    Thanks for the lovely smorgasbord. :)

  4. Happy Gotcha Day to Stan! Hope he feels better soon! Glad I could be of some help with the skirts! :-)

    That book looks wonderful! I'll have to look for it!

    I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE June Bugs. They are creepy and crunchy and I don't like them at all!

    I'm hoping to see the new Narnia soon! It's not out on Redbox so I'll have to see if our gas station (they rent movies!) has it! Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  5. Wow- you have an action packed weekend! I hope that your little man is feeling better soon so that you can find some special way to celebrate him becoming part of your family.

    Great find at Goodwill - I need to fing a good one around here. Although, it is almost garage sale season up here in the Midwest!!!

    Your bushes look great. I am getting so anxious for more blooming, sprouting and other signs of spring up here. They're saying maybe some SNOW next week. (That will teach me to put away the snow gear in April, huh?!)

    Enjoy your Sunday! :-)

  6. happy gotcha family day! Tiffany told me about the Easter Robin story and said it is wonderful. I'm definitely going to pick it up! (we also have the moose book and laugh each time). we love Naria, and will have to get the new one. we have been thinking about putting some rose bushes in our front yeard in front of the door -- last fall we moved some bushes out of that spot and need to fill it up now. I think roses will be our choice!

  7. We just watched the Narnia movie last night. I am not sure if it is my favorite, but my boys *loved* it.

    Happy "gotcha" day to your family. What a special day! I hope Stan feels better soon.

    I am with you on the June bugs. Weird, weird little things. They always manage to get in our house and then we hear them bouncing off the walls all evening! Kinda yucky. My boys feed them to frogs that they catch in the yard.

    That books looks wonderful- I follow Shower of Roses, but I missed this recommendation.

    Happy weekend!

  8. I am so glad that you liked the book! My children are loving it too!! :)


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