Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sites, Sounds, and Smells of Easter...

The picture of the hen below is part of a beautiful tablecloth which my mother and father brought back for me when they visited Slovenia, (my grandparents' homeland), about 8 or 9 years ago.

I just love it! (And even kept the original package with the Slovenian language written on it.)

The chocolate nests almost didn't happen this year.  We didn't remember to do them until almost bedtime and at that very moment, Mabel came in crying with her frog Bill...belly up...dead

Then Stan started crying telling us that "Bill was my bestest friend!"  (News to us?!) 

To calm all the tears, I told them we would have  a funeral after Easter,  like we did for Ben last summer.

 Sally then mentioned she'd like a double burial since her frog Buddy was still frozen in the freezer patiently waiting for his burial.  (How long has he been in the morgue?!)

Note Stan's smile below.  (ugh!)  And that was his best one out of all the photos we took.  

New home school friends joined us in the afternoon.  They are new to Texas and have no family nearby.  I must say, their company made this our best holiday in Texas thus far!

The day ended with excitement when we were under a tornado watch...the storm blew in quite mightily...the power went  out...10  kids in the hallway...yowzer!  That hallway smelled like a giant, wet puppy!  I looked over at Marianne who was calming her frightened 6 year old, gave her a smiled and welcomed her to Texas!  (She said she missed her basement :)

 I just love Easter!  The entire Lenten season, Easter Triduum, and Glorious Easter Sunday.  As I've grown from child to adult, Easter has grown into my favorite season of the year.   

Enjoy your Easter season, everyone!

~ Patty ~


  1. What a beautiful Easter!! I love your photos so much. Made me want to be there.

  2. Sounds like a great day, minus the tornado warning of course!

  3. Happy Easter!!!! So sorry to hear about Bill;-( But your sights, smells, sounds and new friends brought joy to your day, I'm sure. Cute lamb cake and beautiful table cloth treasure. Love your family photos in your Easter best:-)

  4. Your photos are gorgeous! Love, Love the tablecloth, what a cherished gift! The lamb cake rocks :) We didn't even do eggs this year. The coloring thing I bought did not work at all. I was glad the kids didn't mind. You are a great mom, I would never keep a dead frog in my freezer!!! I HATE frogs! Sounds like an awesome Easter.

  5. what a lovely Easter celebration you all had in the sunshine!

  6. I LOVE Stan's smile! The lamb cake turned out beautiful! We always do a bunny cake like the one my mom used to make for us.
    When we lived in SC, I loved having church family to spend holidays with.
    Looks like y'all had a wonderful Easter!

  7. Everything looks beautiful... such an inspiration! Love the photos ! We are in Texas too and the weather here has been crazy ...Happy Easter Season!

  8. Everything (and everyone!) looks just BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing all your pictures and participating in the link up! HAPPY EASTER!!!! :)

  9. Simply scrumptious. Everythings looks wonderful and the fact that Easter is your favorite season...shows. What a special day you made for your family. Happy Easter season to all of you!

    The family pic was a cutie.


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