Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gotcha Day

Stan has been home for five years now. 

And we find that hard to believe...especially when it seemed to take forever going through the adoption process.

We had about 5 days in Seoul and only two of those days were set aside for visiting Stan with his foster mother.  A total of about three hours.  (We had to follow our agency's rules.)  The rest of the time was spent site seeing and absorbing as much of his culture as possible.

We took oodles of photos and shot hours of video all of which we have shared with our little man.

One day, on a street corner, an artist was hand-painting beautiful images.  With an obvious language barrier amongst us, we were still able to communicate that we wanted him to paint Stan's name.  We wrote down his name on a slip of paper and were delighted with the finished product.  It only took about 7 minutes to complete but looked like a masterpiece!

I knew that some day we would give it to Stan as a gift. 

He really was  thrilled to receive it.  Excited because it came from South Korea.


For dinner, I prepared a delicious Korean Chicken dish which I got from Jen (Forever, For Always, No Matter What.)  I need to post it soon.

The very "special" moment of the day was when David suggested a toast to our little man.  It was so sweet seeing wine goblets, plastic kid cups, and lemonade glasses clinking together in the middle of the table.

Dessert was a turtle cake.  It turned out yummy, but was hard to work with... so, I'm not passing along the recipe. 

But I did get a picture of Stan with it.

He gave his seal of approval :)


Since he missed out on his cinnamon rolls for breakfast, I went and picked up his favorite donut the next morning.   Coconut topped donuts are his fave.  The donut store is just a couple of miles down the road and is lovingly owned and operated by a beautiful Korean woman named JJ.

JJ loves Stan. 

Stan loves J.J (We all love JJ.)

JJ just got back from Korea herself (a six week vacay!)  She brought Stan these little characters dressed in traditional, Korean, wedding hanboks.

They can be used as ornaments or cell phone trinkets.  We hung them up on Stan's bedroom shelf...along with his other Korean mementos. 

Thankfully, we were able to salvage some of his special day and just celebrate him.  

At this time of the year, I try to gather a bunch of snapshots from the year and send them over to the agency in Seoul.  I know his foster mother and father would love to see how he has grown over the year.    

And now we begin another year with our son, praising God for picking us as Stan's forever family.

Cheers to you, Little Man!

~ Patty ~


  1. Gotcha Day! That's fantastic - I will have to share that name with my cousin. We never quite know what to call it...as it's such a special day so it really does need a celebration all of it's own :-)

  2. The painting turned out beautifully! Love the shelf with the other Korean items. I'm glad he had a great day.

  3. Happy gotcha day Stan! You have kept him connected to his heritage in so many beautiful ways, Patty. What a sweet boy.

  4. Praise God is right! Thank you for sharing your joy. It is a blessing how you weave all parts of his life together, firmly knitted in love:-)

  5. Congratulations to your family on this special day!

  6. Beautiful - that is so thoughtful Patty. And Stan is just super cute.

  7. I just know that when Stan gets older, he's going to appreciate all of the little things y'all have done for him to know his background!


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