Friday, March 11, 2011

Wrapping Up Our Week 3/11/11

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Glad to be linking up with Jen again!  Another step to "normal" after a long winter.


School in general:

*We finished up the 3rd quarter last week (March 3) - just in time to pick up Grammy at the airport and kick off our spring break in style!

*We will take our two weeks off and start back up March 21.


Fieldtrip plans:

*Plan on heading to Austin to take a tour of the capitol building and then head over to the state history museum.

(Seton wants 4th grade students to study their states in the 4th quarter - this fieldtrip will be great for Ester.)


Religion plans:

*Made a real effort to have all of our Lenten plans lined up.  I took this giving box idea from Lacy at Catholic Icing.  (You may have seen it yourselves.)

We started with an (inexpensive) box like this from the local craft store and David cut a hole in the top where the black mark is.

Next, as Lacy suggested, I had the littles decorate with holy stickers and glitter glue.  That was so much fun!

*We also borrowed this cute Lenten calendar...something different for them this year.

*My kids love to do a sacrifice chain.  They take a piece off each day and "give up" or "do" what is suggested on the link.


Reading & Art

*I will share our Lenten books next week in wrapping up.

*All three girls took the oil painting class in February.  I'll share those oil painting pictures (of the Rocky Mountains) next week as well.


For more fun homeschool fun, you can link up with Jen at Forever, For Always, No Matter What.


  1. Lovely week. I love the collage of the sacrifice chain.

  2. What a great idea to make a sacrifice chain and the giving box is a great idea too. Have fun touring your state capital next week. Glad to have you back in the link up! Have a great weekend.

  3. Love your Lenten Activities!


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