Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Very Special Delivery...

...turns double digits today - oh my!

It was not our favorite delivery experience. 

She was born with a congenital heart defect that needed open-heart surgery at the age of 5 1/2 months...and I hemorrhaged and needed a blood transfusion post delivery. 

But joy, love, and grace overshadowed the trauma and fear. 

Before we knew it, she was growing stronger and healthier by the month,  gaining weight,  and turning one year old!  

Okay, so that went like crazy fast! 

And then 18 months came out of nowhere.

A little ball of energy she was!  She quickly turned 2 and before she turned the big 3, she was a big sister.

Her personality was blossoming into a  passive child; always letting things just "roll off her back".   All she wanted for her 4th birthday was to have her ears pierced. 

Her 5th  birthday brought her the first official "clean bill of health" since birth.  (I think she favors my mother in this photo.)

She spent her first spring in Texas turning a beautiful 6 years old.


I see her 7 1/2  year old picture below and wish I had that blond hair again. 
The age of 8 1/2 brought braces. 


I took this next photo last fall.  She was 9 1/2 there.  Shortly afterward, she asked if I would start taking her birthday picture near her actual birthday. 

(With her 3 siblings having birthdays in the fall, it was just easier to do all four of them in the fall...at one time.)

I promised her that this year I will take her birthday photo near her birthday...not six months after.


Ester's favorite toys are her American Girl dolls, Kit and Lainie.  She also loves to crochet, play the piano, write poetry, style hair, and listen to music...(especially The Jonas Brothers!)

Ester loves children and will make a wonderful mother some day.  She is such a gentle, loving soul.


From this morning...

Have a wonderful birthday Little Miss!  Hope all of your birthday wishes come true!


  1. Happy Birthday Ester (that is hard to say)! The big 1-0, how exciting! Wishing you a very happy day with lots of giggles and joy. Let's all do the Happy Dance for E!

    The Pappa Doodle Family

    PS - That smile is simply gorgeous!

  2. Such a beautiful girl! Happy birthday to her!

  3. Thanks, Ladies. Yes, Kat! Remember that awful! awful! bike accident?! Thank God you were there to help out...and Calvin was the ER doctor on call. It is amazing what an ortho can do!

  4. Happy Birthday Ester!! Hope she has a wonderful day :)

  5. What a "glory story" Ester has. May God Bless her on this birthday and always!

  6. Beautiful post Patty, happy birthday Ester!

  7. beautiful - brought tears to my eyes...how fast they grow (can't help thinking of my own 9 1/2 y.o. - she'll be 10 too before I know it :-)

  8. I love posts like these that take me through the years. what a beautiful little soul of a daughter you have. Happy blessed birthday to her, and many more. And happy blessed Lent to you, Patty.

  9. Happy Birthday Ester! Hope it was great! My oldest just turned 9 last week and CAN'T WAIT to hit double digits!

  10. A belated Happy Birthday. Thank you for sharing, I loved looking at the photos of her growing. Lovely.

  11. I'm just now getting around to catching up! Hope Ester had a wonderful birthday! What a beautiful young lady!


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