Thursday, March 3, 2011

This Moment

I'm a rule breaker this week.  

More than one photo AND words are used - hope you don't mind!

Grammy (my mother) arrived on her flight this afternoon.  We only see her about twice a year.   Can you tell the littles were excited to have her in Texas?   :)

*She is a widow and  works part time

*She has nine children and 27 grandchildren to love on

*We will take her when we can get her :)

This Moment...

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  1. There really aren't words that express how much a visit from Grandma means to a family - enjoy your time together!

  2. Oh Patty that's wonderful - how fantastic for your family, (and you!)
    have a great weekend

    PS: I never play the 'photo only' either :-)

  3. This seems like a rule breaking occasion to me!! I am so glad that you have your mom for a visit. Enjoy your precious time together.

  4. How gorgeous!! Enjoy her to pieces!! Love Posie

  5. Lovely photos, brought tears to my eyes. Yes I can see why you need to take her when you can, wow 9 childrena and 27 grandchildren!! That's a lot. X

  6. I was hoping for photos of her arrival! Glad she is with you now, enjoy!

  7. What a wonderful moment. I sure see the family resemblence.

  8. what a beautiful momma you have! and how wonderful she came to visit ! I am so blessed to have my mom and dad well and living in town! and my hubby's mom lives far away but we visit with her about 2 times a year (sometimes 3).


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