Monday, March 14, 2011

Streamlining the Laundry

Being married to a business owner always keeps me in a streamlining mode.

For the past 10 years or so, I had been doing laundry one day a week - dang! - that's a long day.  (And it usually extends into a second day.) 

Reading chapter 3 (Organizing/ De-Cluttering) in Smart Martha ...

...inspired some good changes. 

I used what she suggested and then tweaked it for my household.

There is now one hamper in the kids' bathroom upstairs and one in our master bathroom. 

Each night, Mabel has a new chore of bringing down the kids' hamper and sorting the clothes into 3 baskets marked Lights / Brights / Darks.

(3 new trash cans  laundry baskets in laundry room, purchased at Target on clearance for $5.04 each!!!  Cha-Ching!!! )  I told a friend that for $15 this is a cheap experiment. 

When a container is full, Sally, Ester or I just dump it into the wash.  Maybe 1 or 2 loads a day. 

The verdict?  Two thumbs up since I just freed up that whole day spent doing laundry.


Tami, the author,  recommends a drying bar hung in your laundry room (if you have a laundry room.)  They are fantastic and inexpensive.

I've always had one as long as I've had a laundry room.

David purchased a sturdy closet organizer bar at  Lowe's or Home Depot store.  He installed it an adult, hanger width from the wall. 

P.S.  My laundry room is not big .  Whatever inconvenience I have from the lack of space is worth not having to do laundry all day long! 



  1. Love the 3 sorting tubs and your system in the laundry room...I'm going to try this ASAP! We have baskets upstairs that the kids bring down but they currently get dumped on the floor in the laundry room-ugh. And then the mountain builds until we get it sorted. I love that price...going to check our Target this week. Thanks, Patty!

  2. And when your daughter gets a little older you can have her take over the laundry entirely, like my Katie has.

  3. One day a week??!! LOL! I can't remember the last time I only did laundry one day a week, my kids would be running around with nothing on! I'm glad you are liking that book :)

  4. I have almost ordered that book about a dozen times - do you recommend it?

    My laundry room has 4 baskets - towels, darks, lights, and whites. It works slick! My only word of caution is to "check" the sorting as it goes into the machine. The younger children sometimes mis-sort and something red ends up in the lights...resulting in lots of pink socks and undies!

  5. Tiffany, yes! That's exactly how it was in our house. Not any more. I love this system.

    Heather, I really recommend the book. The chapter on Media alone was worth the price. I will definitely be able to use her wise experience as a guide for our own children.


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