Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mujigae (Korean for rainbow)


They are amazing to look at and they do create somewhat of a stampede  in our house when one of the Littles spots one out the window.

Of course we had to study a mini-unit on rainbows when the feast of St. Patrick rolled around.  And with all of the rainbow talk, we seem to see colors everywhere these days!

Take a peek at what I received earlier in the week~

Warning:  Cuteness alert!!!

(That is myself on the left with glasses, Stan is on the right, standing underneath a beautiful rainbow over our house.)

I told you that was cute.  Cute and adorable.  He was soooo proud when he handed it to me folded up all accordion-style.

I also received color in the form that I do not particularly care for ~

(Compliments of watching children on a playground for only 45 minutes.  And I rarely burn!)

And an unexpected, colorful date came my way this week!

Thursday, at dinner, I looked at Stan and asked if he wanted to go on a date with me.  It was totally spontaneous and he was immediately, totally psyched!  Scarfing down his dinner and giving me the old "thumbs up" sign meant game! on!

In Korean, Mommy is pronounced  "uhm-ma" and Son is pronounced  "ah-duhl" .

He was so excited in that photo, I thought he was going to fuse his face to mine!  I told him where we were going was a surprise...actually 2 surprise stops were in store.

So we hopped into the van and almost immediately saw a big, red firetruck.  Stan loves to see firetrucks.

Don't worry, I didn't shoot the photo while driving.  I was being safe.  I had stopped to pull over...this baby had all the bells and whistles going was actually the second one that had gone by. 

And even though that red and shiny truck amazed us, the excitement only climbed as we passed all the places he thought I was going to take him. 

In his words..."Mom, what a date!"  (And we hadn't even arrived yet!)

Do any of you have one of those awesome yogurt places where you pay by the ounce?  We have quite a few in the DFW area, but our favorite has to be Yogurtville.  

Yogurtville.  Our first stop. 

You've never been there?  Well, let me  get the door for you ...

With 16 flavors of soft serve yogurt to choose from and a smorgasbord of candies, fruit, and nuts...oh boy!  you would have thought he died...sliding up an upward,  rainbow slide...straight into Heaven - Twice!!

 (He chose strawberry/banana and Belgium chocolate flavored yogurt, rainbow mini-marshmallows, gummy bears, and chocolate sprinkles.)

Even the ceiling lights were fun and colorful! 

Reminds me of a giant, green life-saver!

He was rocking and dancing from side to side as he savored each morsel...humming along as he chewed.   He ended up sliding on over next to me. 

Throwing his arm around me, going in for the squeeze, told me that it was a f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. date so far.

With full bellies, we headed out to surprise stop #2.  This was for all the times that poor boy had to painfully suffer the trips to American Girl!

One very colorful sign said it all - one sign that made the boy's eyes light up like a Fourth of July night sky ~

We walked and looked...stopped and exclaimed.  But there was one isle that was beckoning him.  The one isle that he dreams and fantasizes about,  and we found it ~

I was just telling a friend on the phone the other day...if I could teach Stan his ABC's through Star Wars or Dino's...he'd have no problems with memorization.  Well, folks, look at what I found (and purchased)!

We came looking for the double-sided light saber ... but then we saw the price.  I wasn't going to spend $35 on a toy when it wasn't a birthday.  Drat!  We had to pass and look for something else.

It was not difficult to find another toy.  He's been eyeing this one for almost a year now.

And all was well in his world!

Date night receipt::

Yogurtville $9
Toys R Us $35
Memories - priceless!

~ Patty ~


  1. Wow... looks like such a fun day! Great memories!

  2. What a great date! This reminds me that I need to take my lone little man of the house on a date! He would have been over the top for a trip to one of those great yogurt shops (I recently discovered one very close to us) and to fun!!!

  3. This is so wonderful. I love you sharing this with us.

  4. Great photos, Patty! How sweet. Definitely a day for the memory book :)

  5. What a fun day with your boy!

  6. what a wonderful time. he'll remember this for a long while.

  7. I LOVE that picture of Stan hugging you! You can just see his excitement!

  8. Oh, boy is right! That yogurt place looks amazing..wonder if we have one around here that I've been missing?? Thanks for taking us along with your wonderful conversational writing! We do something similar with our kids but we call them "special days". We try to do it the month of their birthday and each child gets a special day with Mom or Dad all to themselves. It's become something they all look forward to...And I do too:-)

  9. Precious memories! Thank your for sharing your date with your special little man.


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