Sunday, March 6, 2011

Love Fest

That is what my mother has named this visit. 

They all have had fun laying on the lovins!  We all agree that this has been the shot in the arm we all have needed :)

Sally is now taller than Grammy.

Saturday brought beauty shop...(a tradition)...

Grammy received a beautiful manicure with Glow In The Dark blue.  We went into the dark closet to catch the glow...but Grammy's eyes would not adjust (cataracts!) 

Ester kept saying, "Look, Grammy.  Right there."    Grammy would repeat, "Where?  Where?"  Ester would then say, "In front of you.  Hold up your hands!"

(A good laugh for Mom and I.)

We went and caught a movie and a lunch out at Olive Garden.  Afterward, we went home and watched Stagecoach (starring Grammy's love-of-her-life, John Wayne)...she said he could put his boots under her bed anytime!  LOL 

We also watched Ice Age (Grammy's first viewing.)  She enjoyed it so much we watch Ice Age II on Sunday night.

We went to Mass on Sunday and then the girls headed out to American Girl.   It is so much fun going to American Girl, but there is something so special when you get to bring your grandmother.

Kind of like being back in Kindergarten...and it is your turn for show and tell :)

American Girl...Dallas style...

Sally brought her "Just Like Me" doll in to get her ears pierced...

Ester had saved her allowance and had some early birthday money to put toward a new dress she's been wanting...

...and a mini doll...

Actually, all three girls used their allowance to pick up a mini doll. 

And then they showed Grammy their purchases...

Stan stayed back and hung out with David.  My boys just don't do American Girl.  (Can't say I blame them.)   But he still got his lovins' in with Grammy.

Monday.  Oh...that'll be a hard day.  We always dread the drive to the airport...and having to say good-bye.  (I always drive home a quiet, teary-eyed, nose sniffling, van full of littles.)

We've had such a great visit with her.  So many great memories! 

If only we could turn back the hands of time just three days and do it all over again....


  1. Wow, you had a busy weekend!! Looks like lots of fun and lots of photos to help hold you over til next time.

  2. Oh my goodness, I have tears of joy in my eyes...seriously! What a loving way with words you have to describe it all, combined with those wonderful photos to go with it! I'm so happy for all of you:-) But sad that today is Monday and you are saying farewell. Sending hugs!

  3. Those are such sweet pictures! So...what IS Stan doing in the picture with the nail polish? :)
    Looks like a wonderful visit...just what you needed!


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