Monday, March 28, 2011

Lenten hula-hoops

Lenten sacrifice, when done correctly (with the right mind set) will always lead us to God.  No matter how big (or small) we are, sacrifice will always find us the peace we are seeking and ultimately joy.


It all began when Mabel came down Friday evening telling me that everyone was watching a Disney movie and she had "given up" t.v. for the day and night. 

Hmmm....What to do? What to do?

I suggested she go out into the garage to keep  her dad company.  (Yes, I pushed her off onto her dad :)

What began as seemingly tough sacrifice ended up bringing joy and laughter to that well as her parents and neighbors.  Joy is good.  God is good...all the time!

Heading outside, I found Mabel not only visiting with her daddy but teaching him how to hula-hoop. 

You know me, I snagged my camera ~

They were having a serious hula-hooping jam session...jamming out to this song, I'm Into Something Good, by Herman's Hermits. 

BTW, jam sessions with Dad totally blow Disney out of the water!

David had yelled for me to get the Motrin ready.  Right on it, Babe!

Before I knew it, this little person (not one of mine) came sneaking into the garage to see what all the commotion was about.  I did a double take to find Little Miss Sassy who eagerly jumped right in with the fun...(those girls had moves!)

(I think David was really getting into this hula-hooping thing!)

Little Sassy's parent came up the drive and her dad Rob was a good enough sport to entertain us with his abilities. 

Laughing at all the fun, we were all amazed how this joy came about through one little girl's Lenten sacrifice.  But they hadn't seen anything yet!  Cheryl and I had a few moves of our own...or so we thought. 

(My abs were s.o.r.e. the next day.)

What I love about our Rob & Cheryl and their family is that even though we do not share the same faith, we share the same God...and we put God first in our lives...followed by family and then country.  And we all love to share in His joy!

Lent is about half way over...and I hope your journey has brought you peace and joy thus far!

~ Patty ~


  1. This post is so beautiful AND fun! Such a great lesson to be learned!

  2. Love it! What a fun, and what blessing to have good and friendly neighbors!

  3. Love that nothing was planned, it just happened!

  4. What joy for Jesus! I'm with David, I'd definitely need the motrin:-)

  5. Wonderful post and pictures Patty. Looks like a fun time had by all. Isn't fun to find friends in Christ! Miss you.

  6. oh I love it. I was a hula hoop queen in my day. Tried it last summer and well, i could not do it!!


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