Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beauty Shop

Electric hair curlers....Grammy's influence. 

Grammy can not  fly with her electric curlers so a couple of visits back she purchased a set  and left them here for when "she comes back". 

And this girlie has been asking me to dollie her up for some time.  So we played beauty shop after school.

And as we filled up our happy tanks on  "girl talk", we  tried not to burn Mommy's fingertips nor the tips of Mabel's ears. 

We had so much fun!

We have to make sure we do it just like Grammy does it. 

 (Grammy does a hairnet - without the pose! )

With all the playing around, I have a heavy heart.  I want try to focus on my baby girl before she grows up and doesn't want to play beauty shop anymore.  (Nor be my baby girl!)

Feeling oh so pretty!

With poker-straight hair, curls do not last long.  These beauties had fallen (almost) straight within two hours.  She was disappointed and sad that Daddy could not see them, but we have the pictures at least....and the memories.  Love the memories...

~ Patty ~


  1. My Sunshine's hair will not hold a curl unless we use sponge rollers or rag rollers overnight. Curling irons and hot rollers don't work at all. Shortcake's hair, on the other hand, which is even straighter and finer than her sister's holds a heated curl beautifully! I don't get it.

  2. She's beautiful, Patty! Electric curlers... oh, how I almost forgot about those. Enjoy each moment.

  3. so beautiful and what a fun time! next time, a little dippity-doo might help keep them longer. :)

  4. What a great memory it is! She is such a doll!

  5. LOVE the curlers! That is exactly what I have to do to MY hair to get any body to it. I have a mix of girls with curly to stick straight hair and they all want what the other starts so early! Glad you found some "girly" time - so sweet!

  6. She looks so cute! Time flies doesn't it? Glad you had a fun afternoon of beauty shop.

  7. Fun! What a great "girl time" with your daughter. I had one that loved curls so much that she endured sleeping in foam curlers, but her curls lasted for days. I think we did use that dippity-doo Gardenia mentions! I forgot all about that. :)


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