Friday, February 4, 2011

Wrapping Up Our Week 2/4/2011

~On My Mind~

*Making sure that serenity and peace fill up our days. 

*Any "What ifs" will not be entertained on in this brain!


In general, we are getting through but taking our time.  

Another week of Saturday schooling.  That's okay with me.


Well, the weather has certainly been interesting.

In the past 7 days we went from lovely spring 70's... to frigid temps....sprinkled with a LOT of ice....topped off with a dollop of 6 inches of snow!

Where the hell did that come from?!

Remember, we are in the south - LOL - and are not equipped to deal with this.  I laughed my fanny off when I read Charlotte's account: Two Guys and A Shovel.    She  nailed it perfectly. 

Home Economics:

After yesterday, we were exhausted.  I had planned to go to the grocery store today.  Mind you, I was all prepared for the ice and had picked up enough staples the other day to get us to this point. 

Then the snow came.  I was totally out of the loop on that weather report.

The kids asked me:   Mom, can we please have a snow day?  The other kids have been out for four days!

Desperate enough were they that the driveway was cleared :) 

Notice that they use any tool in the garage for the removal process.

Then there is the trash...yeah. 

They've been sitting there since Tuesday.  Yesterday, we saw signs of life when the trash collectors were out once again...they did not make it up toward us.  After this snow, I think it is safe to bet that our route is scratched till next week.


Received a valentine from Ester last night and I thought it was "creative".  Had to share.

Please join in for more fun at Jen's Forever, For Always, No Matter What

Have a great weekend!



  1. Wow, you guys received lots of snow!! Looks like our house and we definitely aren't in TX! Your valentine is very cute. School will come along, you were taking care of more important things :) Thanks for linking up

  2. In Texas- wow!! You must as shocked as I would be. We have been sunny and warm this past week in CA. A "Snow Day" seems in order. I love the Valentine.

  3. Between the weather and your exciting discovery, your head must be spinning! In a good way of course! Have a great weekend.

  4. I heard on the news (in Australia) that South Texas was colder than Alaska this week, that's crazy!! Love the image of the snow on the Little Tikes table set, we had one of those when the children were little, so functional. Greetings from another mother of 4 (3 girls with a brave boy at the end). Love Posie

  5. Oh what a lovely wrap up. Snow, yes I bet that was a shock and what a beautiful humourous valentine's card. :)

  6. I cant' believe y'all got so much snow! We have a couple of chances for it this week. Yeah, right. The school system has changed our schedule so we have school on Presidents' Day and the day after (which was suppose to be a staff dev. day) I'm pretty sure they've jinxed us!
    Love the valentine! That one's a keeper, for sure!
    Special prayers to St. Gerard "what ifs" allowed! :)

  7. Looks like you had a fun and unusual week! My friend lives in Wylie and I heard they are getting hit with some crazy weather, too.

  8. I'm secretly glad you got a little taste of the snow. and ha you are now wearing coats!!!

  9. The snow is a great distraction for you right now, right??? Hoping it's helping you take it easy:-) Looking forward to your next update!

  10. You always seem to keep it together even through the craziness that is thrown your way. With a smile. You are my hero!


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