Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Water and Ice

Ester wanted to share her oil painting titled Cabo San Lucas. 

She has signed up for a once-a-month oil painting class through the park & rec program.  This was the first one.

She really enjoyed the class.  The Rocky Mountains is the theme for February and in March they will be painting the famous Texas Bluebonnets. 


We had huge storms roll through last night which turned into an ice storm.  Y.U.C.K.  I would take snow over ice any time.

It is expected to stay around since we are also experiencing frigid temps for the next couple of days. 

Had to laugh as I folded up shorts and t-shirts from the laundry basket.  What a difference from last week, huh?!

David is worried about our sprinkler system since it those things are not buried deep down in the south.   


As for me?  Nothing.  Still nothing has progressed.  Because of the weather, I am not able to get in any earlier to see the doctor. 

I am praying (really hard) that the roads will be better on Thursday.  I need to be in the city by 9am. 


I do have to say that the Mass on Sunday was so meaningful to David and I.  The gospel on the beatitudes, Fr. B's homily, and the music were completely fitting for David and I as though it was meant to be just for us.  (Which I know that is not the case...just saying.)

I was able to ask God that at least one soul in Purgatory be freed through our suffering.


Stay safe, warm, and dry!


  1. Sweetie - that gospel WAS just for you. That is the way things work. God knew exactly what you needed to hear.

  2. Great picture, Ester. We've have mixed results with parks and rec classes. Glad that you found a good one.

    I just got done talking to a friend in TX who was telling me about your ice storm. I agree, I'll take snow any day!

    I'm still praying for you and for good roads so that you can make it to your appointment on Thursday.

    God Bless!

  3. What beautiful art by Esther! Glad to hear you are hanging in there...Your suffering is surely being put to good use through your prayers for souls. May God continue to hold you close and bring you peace. Hugs!

  4. Ester's painting turned out beautifully!! Thanks for sharing. Praying the weather clears......

  5. your daughter's painting is beautiful. the reflections and shadows are magnificent. we just got a huge snowfall here, and LF's school is closed, and both my and mu husbby's offices are closed. everything is shut down, so we are enjoying a family day at home. I pray for you.

  6. Beautiful painting Ester! I am VERY impressed. Well done!

    I agree, there's nothing quite like ice. And when you aren't in a climate/state that is used to it, I can only imagine that it just is not a good situation at all. Hope it warms up and gets better there!

    Keeping up the prayers and will esp. send you some more tomorrow when you have your appointment. {{hugs}}

  7. That is one beautiful painting!

  8. She did a good job on the painting!
    I was thinking about y'all during Mass on Sunday.


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