Saturday, February 19, 2011

Now We're Talking!

 Spring has sprung. 

We have sleepy little buds starting to awake in the warm sunshine.  Wasps are coming out of hibernation to suck up that nectar. 

Windows open, fresh-smelling air, playing hard outside, and pleasant evening weather makes for the perfect sleeping pill.

Our weather has been heavenly for the past 8 or 9 days...and  I say that knowing full well that this is Texas...which means it can change quickly in the spring. 

If we do have a day with the yucky stuff...well, as they say in Texas, "If you don't like the weather, wait till tomorrow."

Totally true! 


And as spring is starting to awake, stretch and yawn with its sunshine-filled days....I think that I'm coming out of the sick-feeling stage. 

I think

The past few days have been really good.  Our minds are funny machines....where I look forward to feeling good, I start to grow concern when I do feel good.

I go back for another doctor visit Tuesday morning.   I am not quite 100 % confident in this pregnancy...(those former miscarriages really reek havoc on the mind)...but, I am peaceful.  I have found such peace in knowing...really knowing...that God is in control and that I trust Him -  completely.

As my mother told me some weeks ago, "God brought you to this, He will bring you through it."

And boy! have they come out with some new products since I was last pregnant (eight years ago.)

Check this out::

From the front...can't see any problem, right?  But the side view shows that my pants are NOT going to button or zip shut anymore.

A friend has lent me this black Bella Band.  It! Is! Awesome!  I can wear it over my regular pants/shorts and it keeps them up.  Why didn't someone think of this  product years ago?!

That is a 10 1/2 week bump.  


With this gorgeous weather comes terrible allergies.  Sally and Stan have both been hit hard and it settled in their chests.  Both had to have their antibiotics switched to stronger ones.

Ester is holding her own...but she has allergy-induced asthma...and that always worries me.

Mabel...she is the healthiest thus far.

I know I could turn on the A.C., but there is just something not right about running the A.C. in February.

Stan's big enjoyment was being able to sit outside with me to eat lunch.  Poor kid...when he tried to run around and play...oh, the coughing just grew awful.


There is something about outdoor photos as well.  It's more fun to take outdoor photos, isn't it?

Fun in the sun.

On Thursday, I ordered my new Toland flag and it arrived in the mail on Saturday.  I needed something to carry me through till St. Patrick's Day.

While outside watching the girls play, The S. Family from up the street came by and invited the girls to the park.  Thank you, Rob, for taking my girls along for the ride!

With the girls gone, I was able to start taking the flannel sheets off and putting regular cotton sheets back on.  Also had some time to hang with Stan the man.

Poor fella is just itching to get outdoors!


I have to say, Pro-Flowers and UPS had David sweating it out on St. Valentine's Day.  The UPS truck didn't show up until 7:45pm.

But, they are still looking gorgeous.  I put them next to my bed every night because I get so much enjoyment waking up to their beauty each morning!



And these flowers make me think of my wonderful in-laws who celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary today.  What a testament to the sacrament of matrimony!

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!  We love you!


Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  Have a wonderful, peace-filled, and relaxing Sunday!


  1. Your bump is just too cute! Glad you are getting a little breather from the yuckies...hope it lasts. Wow, you DO have spring weather. We've had cold and rainy which has been fine while we've been sick indoors~ugh. Love all those kids on bikes and all your outdoor photos!

  2. That little black band is neat! It's amazing what new things they keep coming out with. That Stan just melts my heart when I see pictures of him. It's been warm here, too...I'm thinking right around spring break time winter will return.
    Let us know how the dr. visit goes on Tues.!

  3. Hi Patty! So nice to hear that "spring" back in your step. Spring allergies have hit here as well, but mostly trees. And you look - marvelous! Praying for you my dear. XXOO

  4. I love seeing those spring pics. We won't be seeing anything like that her for many, many weeks! The roses are beautiful :)


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