Friday, January 21, 2011

Wrapping Up Our Week 1/21/11

~On My Mind~

I had an ah-ha moment this week that I wanted to share. 

As a home educator, I've been asked countless times, "Why not send them to a Catholic school?"  I usually answer the typical..."No one can teach them their faith better than their father and I."

I did not know how else to explain it. 

I read the following comment written by Dr. Mary Kay Clark, Director of Seton Home School Study School in a recent newsletter.

     "Sometimes we forget that according to the Church, parents have the primary responsibility to educate their children.  Parents may choose school or other means to do that, but it is a matter of choice.

     However, the best education is from the parents themselves because parents have been given a special sacramental grace from the Sacrament of Matrimony to fulfill the primary duty of parents:  to educate their children. 

     God instituted the Sacrament of Matrimony for the very purpose of producing children who would be raised in such a way that they ultimately will attain heaven.

     No teacher in any classroom in any school has the sacramental graces which were given to you when you were married.  The graces you have been given by God are particularly designed for you and for your children.  Even the holiest saint in the world does not have the special graces a parent has which are designed for that parent and for the children of that parent."

It is about using the sacramental graces you received through the sacrament of holy matrimony to teach your children their faith with the goal of attaining heaven.  It all depends what you, as a parent, teach your child. 

I loved the part that said "Even the holiest saint in the world does not have the special graces a parent has..." 

 Talk about hitting it out of the park! 



Another question I always receive (as I know almost all homeschooling moms receive): "How do you teach all four?"  Or whatever number of children you may have at home. 

As  mothers, we are natural born jugglers.  We are born to multi-task.  So give yourself credit!

When the juggling act grows a bit hairy, I am a big believer in assigning an older child to help a younger child.  Instead of having all hell break loose, (yes! they know when Mom is busy and will take full advantage of it), I start assigning. 

What older student cannot help some younger student?  Even with a simple task. 

In the above picture, Mabel was pointing out on the alphabet chart which letter would come next in the alphabet train puzzle.  Stan would than have to find that letter/puzzle piece and waa-laa...the ABC's were  being taught. 

Stan wasn't pouting because he was stumped - he has a short temper. 

 Mabel felt very important.

Ester was able to concentrate on her English.

Sally and I were able to continue with an oral quiz.


~Melissa and Doug~

I absolutely love their educational products.  There puzzles are fantastic.  Their pretend play is packed full of reality and fun.  They make the best gifts.  I just cannot say enough good things about the brand.

Around December, Amazon always has a huge sale on the Melissa and Doug products.  I stocked up last month.

This is one of the new ones I purchased:

It continues to reinforce shapes and colors for Stan.  The other littles think it is just plain fun.  Each picture board is actually double-sided.


~New Schedule~

It is working!  I have to tell you,  I am NOT a morning person so when that alarm goes off, I just moan and wish it were Saturday.  But, the pay-off is so worth it.  We have been finishing up by noon. 


Please join in for more fun at Jen's Forever, For Always, No Matter What.

Have a wonderful weekend, stay warm, and remember to pray for all the wonderful pro-life marchers that are out there this weekend!


  1. Mary Kay Clark's book was a huge eye opener for me! I love the part about the special graces too.

    I agree about the older children helping the younger- it can keep everything moving smoothly.

    Thanks for your comments on Michelle's wedding. It was a magical day- it is not a Greek Orthodox wedding, although the grooms family is from Greece, but an Eastern Rite wedding. I keep thinking that I need to do a post on when east meets west!

    Great wrap-up!!

  2. wow. those are two excellent responses to peoples' questions on homeschooling. and how wonderful that God has indeed given us special graces for teaching the faith to our children.

  3. What a jam packed post Patty! We get so many comments as homeschoolers, don't we? I think we have to have grace just to deal with all the questions!

    I purchased a lot of the Melissa and Doug when it was on sale to. They have always been a favorite of ours. I love all the wooden play food and dishes. Have you tried the triangle crayons?

    Hope this week is a good one. Take care.

  4. Thanks for linking up again this week. I love the Dr Kay quote, so beautiful. We also enjoy Melissa & David products, good quality at a reasonable price. We do a bit of the co-teaching, but could do more! Thanks for sharing your week :)

  5. Well-said and great clarification too. It is so important for parents to realize the beauty of the sacraments and what they impart on the family. We are given many gifts that some Catholics don't realize! My main reason for educating at home was that there wasn't enough time in the day to teach faith if they were "away" to school. I am so thankful for the options that we have in our country for schooling so we can better teach the faith! Thank you for being a wonderful example:-)


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