Thursday, January 27, 2011


It comes.  On God's time.  Not in the answers we may be searching for, but in other forms that mean so much. 

Your prayers, so many prayers,  have been heard and answered in the most beautiful ways~

*As David and I were grieving together alone in the doctor's office, with tears welling in his eyes, he  reminds me what a miracle and awesome privilege it was to birth life into this world three times.  What a blessing it is that our fourth blessing was given the chance to live through his birth mother.

*The faces, hugs, and smiles of our children greeting us at home are our miracle drug, if only for awhile.

*Sweet, loving notes and drawings randomly placed around the house for Mom or Dad to find. 

*The morning after, hearing Sally and Ester quietly working in the kitchen, unloading the dishwasher and trying to start the coffee pot:

 "Don't forget the water." 

 "Oh yeah!  The water."

*Being served warm, buttered toast in bed.

*A dear husband who sits in the chair by your bed, all day long.  Keeping watch over you. 

*A niece, who happens to be a specialist in the field, (far from us), opens her schedule and takes all of our calls.  She may not give us the desperately needed answer we are looking for, but she is a wealth of knowledge, a source of comfort.

*A dear friend who calls to say she is bringing over a hot dinner for your family.

*A husband and daughter go on a daddy/daughter date - to the grocery store.  They bring you back a petite bouquet of the prettiest, pale pink tulips.

*Children who really do stay quiet or play outside so you can nap.

*Late into the night, feeling this bath of peace wash over your body.  And you sense it will be okay.  A God moment.

*Being able to tell your mother that even if she is 69 years old, you still desperately need her.  Oh! How I just wanted to turn into a 10 year old girl again and run into my mother's arms that day.

*A husband who cries on the phone with his mother...

*Ester and Mabel casually telling you that they spent an hour at their makeshift prayer table, praying all the prayers that they know.  "Even to Pope JP II, because we already know he is a saint!" 

*Sitting on the bench outside and feeling the warm sunshine on your face.

*Placing a vinyl heart-shaped window cling on the kitchen window.


~Physically, things have completely stalled.  It is a double-edge sword.  I enjoy feeling better today, but I know I need to start seeing physical signs to know things are progressing.  At the moment, we are in a limbo, waiting.

But I can slowly feel the fighter in me coming back because I am tired of sleeping.  I am tired of worrying.  Most importantly, prayer is coming easier to me.

~Surgery?  I have been through that particular one twice in the past, but things are much different this time.  Due to a health situation, there is a bit more risk involved.

~We need nature to start.


~Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for the kind words and prayers that have been lifted up for our situation.  Know that they are being felt and we are deeply touched by them all.  Humbly, we ask for those continued prayers because our battle is not over yet.


  1. It is amazing how comforting children can be when the pain is so far beyond their understanding. I have taken so much comfort from my three in the face of our miscarriages as well. Thank you Jesus for the pure faith of children!

    We are still praying.

  2. You are such an amazing, strong woman. Continued prayers are coming your way!

  3. I am glad you are feeling some peace, more prayers coming your way.

  4. You don't need to ask, you have my prayers for as long as you are on this path...I too have walked this path before

  5. I don't even have words, but thank you for sharing your sorrow and your comfort. God Bless you!! We continue to include you and your family in our prayers.

  6. What a blessing to be surrounded by your loving family and know that you are being lifted up in prayer by all of your blogging friends.

    God Bless!

  7. A big kiss and huge for you. You have my pray.
    God bless you, and your family. Strenght

  8. Patty, I know you must carry great grief with you, but in this post you have a serene accepting disposition in this sadness, and a faith that God will bring you through this grief. I'm praying for you.

  9. The goal of all mothers is heaven for their children. It is so comforting to know that we have accomplished goal. Yet our human pain is so real and so strong. I write to tell you that I am so happy for this precious life. So happy that a part of me will meant this soul at Mass tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your human pain but also for sharing your love in the form of a precious soul that now helps all humanity honor God from his precious place in heaven. God Bless your family my dear sister in Christ.


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