Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Kiss and Hug From Mr. Good Weather

I really find it hard to motivate myself right now.  I stretch the school days, even schooling on Saturday ( something I normally refuse to do). 

I am working low capacity right now, working with a simple routine that keeps the rhythm of life moving forward.

And that is okay.

We are moving forward in spirit, but nothing is progressing physically.  Very frustrating for me.   A doctor's visit next Thursday for me. 

My pregnancy levels are still present which still has me feeling sick every now and then.  Since we know the outcome, it is hard to deal with.  I just want to move on but feel frozen in time.


In the meantime, Mr. Good Weather has been here for a visit over the past few days.  And would you not agree with me when I say that there is not any other better medicine than the feel of warm sunshine kissing your face with Vitamin D?

It has been heavenly.  I found myself sitting out on that back patio watching these two frolic in such pure innocent fun...

Friday brought even warmer temperatures.  We stretched school a bit going from 8:30am - 3pm with a two hour recess after lunch at the park. 

I had talked with Jen recently about how depressing the winter can be up north.  I so remember it.  I remember asking David many a times, "Just how many shades of gray are there?!"

Down here, I try not to complain about the gray skies.  Down here, you know that warm, pleasant weather will always pop in for a visit...more often than not. 


We did Saturday schooling and then Sally begged me to reopen her fish tank...after it has sat sitting since her last fish died about two months ago.

The deal is that I will not clean it anymore.  She is old enough.  And she did.

She did enlist the help of Ester who more than willing stepped up with the condition that she could put a fish or two in the tank as well. 


Stan came to me crying....really hard.

Stan:  Ester threw a Tomas train and hit me in the head.

Mom:  Did you do something to her? (Which is usually the case.)

Stan:  I accidentally threw one at her.  On accident!

Ester coming to the crime scene:  That is not true.  He threw a bunch at me and I was trying to protect myself.  I got mad and threw one back at him. 

Mom:  Stan, how many did you accidentally throw at your sister?

Stan:  Seven.  On accident!


David and I have discussed allowing the girls ride their bikes to the park about five blocks themselves. 

Things have changed so much since we were kids, but I do not want to live in such crazy fear forever.  We both feel we have to give them some free grazing ground. 

So with some new rules and a spare phone to keep with them, we let them go.

The deal is, they can only go together, never alone.  A big step for everyone.  One that needs to earn the trust of Mom and Dad.  So far, so good.


Stan was okay with staying back.  He knows he can only go with Mom or Dad.  Since it was windy, the flights coming into DFW airport were flying really low over our house.  He and I just sat and watched waving "hi" to the passengers. 

( I am sure no one saw us :)

We tried to guess were they were all coming from.

Then we saw this big, international bird...

...which opened up a beautiful conversation about how we flew to S. Korea to pick him up after he was born. 

We talked about Grammy coming for a visit soon.  I booked her flight and she'll be here for my birthday!


And nothing tastes better on a warm, sunny day than a dish of ice cream.  Yummy.


Tonight is calling for a chance of thunderstorms.  That's okay.  We have sucked up every bit of vitamin D that we could. 

Tomorrow is Sunday, the Lord's day.  It will be a good day.  I will be thanking God for all the prayers that have been and continue being lifted up for me.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!


  1. you have my promise of prayer for you tomorrow morning in the presence of Our Lord. God's plan is not our own, I have re-learned many times. Bless you Patty. you guys aren't wearing your coats AGAIN! ugh, it did reach almost 40 here today, but more snow is coming again this week. I do fear the day when it is time to let my daughter ride her bike off somewhere. I'm a hovering mom that way.

  2. Thanks for sharing your sunshine pictures!! I agree that it really does do a world of good. You're sounding more like your old self, hugs and prayers for you!

  3. Haven't wanted to bother you, but please know I am praying for you several times a day.

  4. I forgot to say that I am glad your mom is going to be visiting for your birthday!!

  5. Praying for you today, Patty. May God give you the peace that "passeth all understanding." I love that Bible verse. Beautiful pictures!

  6. So glad you had a wonderful couple of days with the deserve it! Still praying!

  7. Amazing what a sunny day can do for your soul, isn't it? Even up here in MN, when the sun shines it makes a huge difference in the flow of our day.

    I'm still praying for you. God bless!

  8. Hi Patty~ Still lifting you up in prayer and glad to hear you are hanging in there. Some EWTN Masses are being said on your family's behalf...For some reason your e-mail address is rejecting the note they are trying to send!? Maybe you have really good firewall protection! Anyway, happy to hear your Mom is coming soon too. May Christ's love and peace continue to sustain you...

  9. Goodness me, Patty, I'm only just catching up and didn't realise what you are going through. I know that all too familiar pain myself 8 times over. My thoughts and prayers are with you. If you want to talk, shout, rant, rave or anything at all just email me. Love and prayers to you all xxx

  10. Patty, glad that you got some of the "good stuff" weather wise. It is nice to get outside and breathe in some sunshine isn't it? We got that weather yesterday (Sunday). Today it is raining.

    Praying for your peace and strength and for Him to carry you through.

    Hope you have a peaceful week. And a little more sunshine. :)

  11. Sunshine is an amazing medicine! We will keep praying for you and your family.


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