Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Am OLD!!!

I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow

Heard this song the other night on the preview to a show.  Major flashback to '82 when I was ....13 years old!

Oh my gosh...started doing the math and realized how old I am getting - LOL

 It's been almost 30 years!  Yowzer!

Anyone care to share how old they were in '82?


  1. How old was I in 82? Apparently old enough to graduate high school!! (and no, I wasn't a child prodigy) now I feel VERY old.

  2. You think you are old,eh? I was 21 in 1982!

  3. umm, I would rather not think about it!!

  4. No "not born yet" comments allowed - Hee hee!

  5. Okay, well considering I admitted how old I turned on tues...I was 8 in 1982!

  6. You were only 12? I was halfway through my college years! Now THAT'S old! :D

  7. I was 6 - but remember this song well! The great thing about having kids is that they area the great equalizer. I have friends who are old enough to be my parents and others who can't imagine ever turning 30. But, we're all navigating the waters of parenthood and are in the same boat!

  8. I was about to graduate from high school in 83. You were just a baby! Time does seem to move faster, the OLDER you get, doesn't it!


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