Monday, January 17, 2011

Homemade Snowflakes

The yummy kind!

Back in November, I saw these at Hobby Lobby:

I knew I would want to save them for a cold & gloomy January day.  Sunday was a gloomy day so we baked.

Hobby Lobby has the cutest baking decorations. 


Sally is taking a creative writing course on Friday afternoons through our city Parks & Rec program.  This past Friday she was asked to write a poem using the alphabet as a prompt. 

I wanted to share with you what she wrote since I thought it was quite beautiful!  (Sorry for sounding proud.)

Angelic angels
Beautiful wings
Carved angels
Darling spirits
Elaborate wings
Feathered wings
Gathering above
Halos shining
Immaculate adored
Jesus they praise
King of them all
Lord of all kings
Mary they love
Not the devil
Opening their hearts
Prince of Heaven
Queen of all saints
Ready for their tasks
Statues of them
They keep us safe
Unfolding their love
Very beautiful
Wings are big
Yearning for love
Zealous love for all below
~By Sally H. (age 11)  1/14/11

I'll leave you all with that. 

Happy Monday!


  1. Love the poem!!!....she just needs to illustrate it with all those beautiful angels and it will be in my Christmas book basket next Advent!

  2. The cookies are super cute and tell Sally she did an awesome job on her creative writing project!!

  3. Sally did a great job! Love the snowflakes...I can NEVER get cut out cookies to turn out...they always break when I try to get them onto the pan.

  4. The cookies look yummy, and Sally's poem is wonderful. Hope you are having a great day.

  5. Little Miss says, "Thank you!" to all of her compliments on the poem.

  6. what a poet you have there. that is truly beautiful! Loved the "I" andJ" kines best!!!! the cookies look great -- love the ice-blue color.

  7. Oh Patty~ What a LOVELY poem that Sally heartfelt! Funny, I just picked up some snowflake cookie cutters too! You probably know this but I recently learned that snowflakes are called "St. Agnes Flowers" because she holds a winter Feast Day. I think we're going to do some snowflake things this week with her Feast Day on Friday!

  8. What beautiful cookies and a very lovely poem. x

  9. These cookies look so yummy!


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