Monday, January 10, 2011

Beach Day!

On our way out of town last Friday, I realized I painted the wrong picture with my previous posts.  Contrary to what you may think, a day in the life of a homeschool mother is not sitting on the sofa eating bon-bons!  (Hee-hee)

I just like to grab and hold onto the good whenever I can because life is passing way too quickly.  Sometimes the good comes in the form of a get-away, if one is lucky!

Those get-aways are always turned into something educational with me.  Actually, this post that Tiffany wrote is what revved up my engines. 

Last April, the Houston Space Center was offering a one-day pass at half-price, valid for one year from the date of purchase.  ChaChing!  That was a no-brainer...I purchased our tickets.  (Almost forgotten until I read Tiffany's post.)

Ono New Year's Eve, David and I looked at our calendar and realized it was now or never since his busy home show schedule would begin by mid-January and keep him busy till the end of March.

Out came the map and looking at the it, one could only see how darn close that Island was to Houston...and it was calling my our name!

We were Galveston Island bound in no time...the kids were utterly, completely, crazy say the least.

What I found totally amazing, was that one interstate, (#45), drove us all the way to the beach...literally!  David and I were like, how easy is that?!

They were out of the van, shoes and socks ripped off, pants rolled up...all in a flash!  It was so much fun to watch their love of life just burst and spray all stepping on one of the ketchup packets :)

And no matter how hard we tried to keep his pants rolled up, it was a lost cause.  He ran...and ran...and ran...and they could not keep up!

Oh my gosh!  His joy brought total joy to David and I.  He only wanted to

These scenes brought us total joy as well:

The girls were content with collecting sea shells while Stan continued to run...

and run...and run...

...and just soak himself to the skin.

I kept thinking to myself how I wished his birthmother could see this joyous face.  David kept saying, "He is going to catch pneumonia!"

And seconds after that last photo was happened.  Stan launched, point-blank, a big, wet, sandy ball...right in Mabel's face.   She was too stunned to freak out. 

We called it quits for him and walked him back to the van to change.  For some reason, I don't think he minded :)

He had his second and third helpings of fun.  While Stan was changed into warm, dry clothes and defrosted in the van...David and the girls fed the seagulls.

A couple of years ago I had read about the beautiful and historic Bishop's Palace. 

This is Texas' only structure on the list of nation's 100 outstanding buildings by the American Institute of Architects.  It survived the 1900 hurricane that devastated Galveston.  It was originally built as a private home by Col. Walter Gresham in 1886 and purchased in 1923 for the bishop of the Galveston-Houston Diocese. 

It was an architectural tour that would have blown our weekend budget.  On top of that, Stan was rather tired and I envisioned him a wrecking ball inside amongst the beautiful and priceless antiques.  So I just tried to get a picture. 

Look at this gem!  Across the street was Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

The kids were begging to do more so we ended up going down to the seawall for some ice cream.

Yeah!  We thought that was a funny bench since Stan the Man loves to tell a tall tale. 

Later on for dinner, we met up at the hotel with an old friend of David's (from the cooperate world).  We enjoyed an awesome Tex-Mex dinner.


Traveling for six can be expensive, as many of you may know.  I highly recommend the Holiday Inn Express & Suites.  We found a room that accommodated six - double queen with queen sleeper sofa (rare find!) and included a breakfast buffet for $78 a night!  (And the hotel was only one year old.) 

We were able to use Christmas gift money to put toward the hotel cost. 

We always pack our own lunch foods in the cooler as well as snack items (water, juice boxes, crackers, cookies, etc.)  This allows us to budget one dinner out each night with a special snack, i.e. ice cream.

Budgets are a fact of life for us.  Wish I did not have to stay within it, but I do love the challenge of finding the most bang for the buck. 

Snow day~

Today they worked hard to finish up their first half of school in order to go out for "recess".  I think we got close to 8" due to the size of the snowman snowwoman and snowforts in the neighborhood.

Isn't she a cutie?

Some time this week I'll share our day at the Space Center with you.  Viewing the accomplishments of absolutely brilliant minds made my heart swell with pride for being an American!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Ryan and I stayed in Holiday Inn Suites during our honeymoon and they were great!

    We've been thinking about taking a trip sometime in the next couple of months. We've been talking about going to Texas (I've never seen the ocean!) Seeing your pictures I think has finalized that decision! Better start saving up!

  2. I LOVE how Stan is such a boy! (How many times have I said that?!) I chuckled when I saw the picture of him on the "Liar's Bench"! Galveston is down around where my dad grew up. I really want to get back down there someday.
    Looks like all the kids had a great time with the beach and the snow!

  3. Just amazing photo moments you captured, Patty! Don't the kids love road trips? The memories made are certainly worth the WORK it takes to make it happen. So sweet to mention my post...Aww, shucks;-) Gotta love that Hwy straight to the beach~wow. Have an awesome snow week. Oh, and love the Stylish Snowlady there at the end. Very creative!

  4. Looks like you had a great weekend! Love the beach pictures, the church is gorgeous. You had a lot of snow, wow! We are supposed to get a storm today and the boys can hardly wait. The snowman is adorable, it must have taken some time to get her looking just right - way to go kids! Thanks for sharing your weekend.

  5. ooohhh - a beach vacation sounds lovely! It's been a snowy, cold winter here in MN. Thanks for sharing your great pictures!

  6. Love the pictures Patty. Looks like you guys had a great time. I especially love E's smile. It is gorgeous. Must have been a lot prayers going up on that smile. I remember that bike crash like it was yesterday!

    We love Holiday Inn Express too. Have a great week. We are still out in the snow today!


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