Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Remembering to Breathe

This is one of my favorite ornaments.  I just hung it up last night. 

After the kids were tucked into bed... after a pageant rehearsal (that went well!)...after two long  days... I announced to David that I was going to now decorate the tree. 

He knows me.

He knows my form of decompressing.  He just shakes his head (aren't we moms crazy?) and goes to the computer to leave me have the peace and quiet I was craving.

It has been a very busy week...and will only continue to be so.  

And that is okay as long as I continue to breathe.    Even if breathing occurs around 9:30 in the evening with Christmas music to keep me company.


So this morning, the children came down the steps to see this.   The tree not only has been up since last weekend....but decorated.


(And I nearly fell off the ladder...into the tree...only once!)

Oh...they did not miss out on much.  They each have their own tree next to their beds.  The one downstairs is for Dad and Mom to decorate. 

(After years of rearranging the ornaments he placed, he just left the tree trimming to me.  I'm so anal!)


Now off to Mass.   The kids are singing at Mass tonight...I just love the sound of a children's choir!

Advent blessings~


  1. What a beautiful tree! I just love your pictures because, know how to take a picture, don't you! :)
    So...I have always wanted to do trees in each room. Do the kids have real trees or fake? Lights? Ornaments? Do tell! Or take another picture!

  2. What a nice way to start their morning. The tree looks beautiful. Glad there were no injuries in the process!

  3. Thanks, Ladies.

    Carol~They each have a 4ft. tree...lights and all. THey have their own ornament collections...Santa leaves one in their stockings every Christmas morning. They are pretty good with them.

    It really is cute and fun for them.

    Maybe I'll try and take a photo. (Thanks for the compliment by the way!)

  4. Your tree is gorgeous! Mine is still sitting with virtually no ornaments - hopefully this weekend. The big boys each have a tree in their room, they look cute. Jacob even has a little tree skirt around his!

  5. Lovely tree and great job staying on the ladder! LOL Love the deep reds! Our family tree is not decorated quite yet so yes, I'm trying to remember to breathe :-)

  6. beatiful tree, Patty! love the red. and what an exquisite ornament. I love ornaments depicting the nativity of our Lord. Isn't that the truth that i love to decorate the tree myself! now I have to dig out the Christmas music becuase we haven't had any playing.


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