Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Pageant

It was so sweet

I was so busy with it that I had no time to take pictures of the cast.  
But I do have some photos!


We had a pre-show you could say.   There were 19 children that signed up to recite a beautiful Christmas, alphabet poem.

Each one received a letter to hold.  On the back, they had a line to recite.  This is an example...

Stan had the letter read, "H is for Herod, whose murderous scheme was foretold to Joseph in a nocturnal dream."

He memorized it! 

He did so because he wanted to talk into the microphone...I wonder if I could get a microphone in my learning room....?


The format for the pageant was simple and beautiful.  We had one narrator who told the Christmas story in four parts. 

After each part, the characters entered and the children sang a song.

Part I: Joseph, Mary, and a variety of animals enter the scene.  The children sing the song Silent Night.

Part II: Angels, Shepherds and Sheep enter the scene.  The children sing Hark The Herald Angels Sing.

Part III:  The Magi and stars enter the scene.  The children sing Away in a Manger.  **I just love that song!

Part IV: The story is wrapped up.  The children sing Joy to the World.

We had a total of 40 children that signed up for this pageant! 


In our house, we had characters that dressed up like a shepherd...

 an angel....

and twinkling stars...

Aren't those the darnedest things?!


I wanted the all the children to have a memento from the pageant.

After a bit of brain storming, I came up with this idea...

Aren't they adorable?  Holly on one side, the child's name on the other.  No two names were alike and we had 40 children in the pageant!

The night we had Red Velvet cake was the night we crafted.  We were busy painting (oil based pens), tying bows, and hot gluing.

**By the way, this was a very economical gift to make.  I believe it came to around 50 cents per child.**

Friday night, I had a few to finish and then wrapped them in pretty Christmas sacks.

And the last two shots were taken on our "stage" prior to the start of the show. 

Isn't that manger scene amazing?!   Another mother in the group put a ton of effort into it. 

Astonishing what paint and refrigerator boxes can turn into!  Michelle, thank you once again!


So it is over.  Our group's first Christmas pageant.  My thoughts on it all?

I am so blessed to be involved with such an incredible group of families...and what a great group of kids!   


Off to bed now.  I'm exhausted.  Nighty- Night!


  1. I love the costumes, especially the stars!!! Did you make them? The stage and everything else looked great, what a fun evening you must have had. Now you can relax a wee bit that it is over :) Great work!

  2. Jen~ The costumes came from Oriental Trading Co. Very inexpensive. Mabel was at the limit for the height in the star. It said one size fits all...not true.

  3. Patty! What an amazing pageant all the way around...script, costumes, scenes, momentos! Can we find the script online or did a talented Mom in your group dream it up? Gorgeous ornaments and pretty thoughtful of you. Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Tiffany~Thank you! It was the right format for a homeschool group...for sure! Here is the link where I found these:

    I'll also email you just in case.

  5. who awesome that all your children were in the pageant. also, the costumes are beatiful -- that shepherd's costume is brillant red. so beautiful! and of course the angel and stars costumes too. what unique ornaments. love the colored ribbons trimming them! oh what a wonderful event!


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